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Place Inline Photos Weird Formatting

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  • Sep 6th, 2017 3:14 pm
Deal Addict
Sep 9, 2010
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Isn't that just some kind of text wrapping by default? (a setting value somewhere)

When the forums were updated the default was to assign a new row to each inline image inserted in a post and there was no way to position images side by side. This default created incredibly long posts (vertically) when people inserted several consecutive images [for example in the weekly Costco threads in Hot Deals]. I assumed that the developers had decided to change that default so now when people inserted several consecutive images these would be resized and aligned horizontally as much as possible at the same time eliminating spaces, tabs and new lines between them [text wrapping being an unintended consequence]. I found it weird but didn't care much about it. I also use a period and a new line to separate images from text (no wrapping), when needed.
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