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Please give me tips for ballroom dancing

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  • Dec 7th, 2009 1:34 pm
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May 29, 2003
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Lulz wrote:
Dec 7th, 2009 12:49 am
No, I didn't shoot RAW, lol.
I just wasn't comfortable enough to do it and I knew there would be MANY pictures to work with. I was doing this only out of goodwill and editing would have to be in minimum. I mean this isn't a wedding and I am not going to print an album. JPEG made more sence.
What made you "uncomfortable" with RAW? In the worst case, you just highlight all the raw, press convert to JPEG (or equivalent button) and you'll get all JPGs. You should actually be more comfortable with it because you get more room to edit after the fact.

I don't know about you, but if someone ask me to shoot for them, that probably means they are liking my work. If I fail to deliver even the basic shots, it's a failure for myself. This is beyond "I am only doing this for goodwill so I don't care about screwing it up!". I would just turn down the job if I knew I am not capable of doing it.
Lulz wrote:
Dec 7th, 2009 12:49 am
And yes I did use flash, but recycle times made me sad panda. Freshly recharged Eneloops, too.
My dillema was:
If I used flash, I got very sharp pictures with good colors and real smooth skins. But due to recycle times, many flash pictures weren't good because I always missed the moment. Closed eyes, looking in wrong way, unpleasant-looking mouth and face, weird leg position...etc etc etc.
Practice makes perfect. That night would have been a perfect opportunity to refine your skills in a real world environment. What you said has minimal to do with equipments, but rather your control of the equipments. Flash is there for you to use, but you didn't use it because you can't capture the moment due to the slow recycle times?

Lulz wrote:
Dec 7th, 2009 12:49 am
If I didn't use flash and relied on ISO and f/2.8, I frequently got motion blur. A typical meter reading by camera would show this as optimal:
I didn't want to use HI1 or HI2 settings because I still would get blur at 1/80 anyways probably.
While you are correct, it's always better to get a grainy picture than a movement blurred picture. 1/80 gives you 1/2 the chance to movement blur a picture compared to 1/40.

You've rented 3x SB-800 units, were they being used? If so, how did the shots turn out with those?
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Dec 3, 2004
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the difference in this case when comparing Spencer's photos to Lulz photos are his subjects aren't moving blazing fast. Wedding banquet entrances aren't hard to take, and slow dancing is not ballroom dancing. I've never shot a wedding dancing couple where they moved like the people on Dancing With The Stars.

I think what would have worked for Lulz is set two of the SB800s on stands with wireless triggers. 3rd flash on a flash bracket or hotshoe in master mode, the other 2 in slave.

Or, go wireless with all three - except the two on stands are mobile using assistants to move with the dancers. But that's getting complicated...