Please help to choose! (Schulich MBAN, UBC MBAN, Ivey MBAN, Queen's MMA, Sprott MBA, DeGroote MFin)

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Mar 13, 2017
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Please help to choose! (Schulich MBAN, UBC MBAN, Ivey MBAN, Queen's MMA, Sprott MBA, DeGroote MFin)

Hello everyone. I'm an international student and I've applied to the following master's programs:

1) Schulich MBAN - 12 months
2) University of British Columbia MBAN - 12 months (new program, internship is not guaranteed)
3) Ivey MBAN - 16 months
4) Queen's Master of Management Analytics (in Kingston) - 12 months (classes twice a week only, no internship)
5) Sprott School of Business MBA specializing in business analytics - 16 months
6) DeGroote Master of Finance - 16 months

My background: I have a Double Major Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration without any post-graduate work experience. I'm applying to these programs in order to find a job as financial/ business analyst and stay in Canada after finishing them.
Does anyone on this forum have some information or his own experience in these programs and can help me to rank them from best to worst? Which program would be the best in my situation? Which one will give me better chances to get an internship during the program and which one has higher career prospects and why?
Thank you all.
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Apr 13, 2010
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Did an MBA with one of the schools you listed. Slightly different. Okay, very broad question and also all over the map. Let's take this one by one.
But first, instead of asking on different forums ( ... 35989.html) perhaps you should do your initial research with the school's admission offices themselves ;).

Start by asking which has the highest confidence of acceptance? Your scope automatically narrows and it may be a matter of selecting the schools that only accepted you. These questions should really follow post-acceptance.
You're also comparing apples to oranges - Degroote MFin, Sprott MBA specialization in Business Analytics...they have different program structures and different admission requirements (I assume you did your GMAT since you applied to these programs?). You're letting us rank them according to internship probabilities?

Is your goal a financial analyst? A business analyst? in any industry/sector? Be it non-profit? manufacturing?

You ask which programs would be best in your situation. We can't help you if you're not able to narrow your focus - what you're asking is purely ranking on school, not program, not specializations, and not even your career aspirations. I don't believe in Canadian school reputations all too much - more or less believe they are roughly similar, especially if you plan on only being a financial OR business analyst in whatever sector it is. I would rather ask how much each program costs, what's the likelihood of acceptance, where's the geographical focus -- UBC is in Vancouver, while others are more or less in Ontario. Education in Canada follow local markets rather than nationally; unless you plan on going to UBC then flying to Toronto to work which is possible but an added cost.