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Poor Boogie (Alvin Williams)

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  • Nov 24th, 2004 8:23 am
Jan 11, 2004
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FuNPoLiCe001 wrote: If Carter had half the heart and desire that Alvin did, VC would be one of the top players in the league. Sadly, he just doesn't give a crap.
this is just stupid.. if VC was like that..he wouldn't have played last year (still avg 23ppg) or this year (around 15ppg) ...
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Jan 7, 2004
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shadowfighta wrote:Milt is quite possibly one of the worst shooters I have ever seen. All his shots hit the front of the rim!!
he has such a flat shot... i dont think he uses his legs/knees too much.. just look at his free throws

milt scares me alot of the time. i fear that he'll go crazy with the ball and lose control.

heck, milt is one of the worst or the worst player on the raps roster. we need to give roger mason jr a chance. milt is too indecisive
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Jul 7, 2001
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gilboman wrote:this is just stupid.. if VC was like that..he wouldn't have played last year (still avg 23ppg) or this year (around 15ppg) ...
can you show me HOW VC gives a crap? Are you telling me that if Vince had worked hard from the start, that he wouldn't be one of the best in the game right now? The dude worked hard on his jumper after the first year, and it showed in his second year. After that he's basically done nothing to improve himself. Have you heard of one story or read one article that showed Vince hard at work on some new moves, working on one aspect of his game, or even doing conditioning? He's always been blasted for being lazy and not doing proper rehab, which is why his knee kept getting re-injured. With the exception of the offseason between his rookie and sophmore season, I don't recall reading anything about him working on his game. Watch him and compare what he does now to what he did when he was younger. Then compare to what T-mac/Kobe looks like in the last 2 years and what they looked like when 4 years ago. Vince still has that awkward ball handling and doesn't seem very fluid when he's trying to get by his man. Watch Kobe and T-mac and the skill and ball handling are just several notches above VC. If he had worked at this (and this is very much a skill he COULD have improved on), he'd be a much better player.

He's basically tanked it this year. Call it a slump, but he just doesn't look like he wants to be here. I don't see how that's caring or putting effort into the team or his game
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Feb 29, 2004
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Man... Boogie just can't buy a break. This guy is one of the dedicated Raptors and he doesn't deserve a fate such as the one dealt to him. I really believe Boogie's career is pretty much finished as his contact (once expired) will not be renewed by the Raps.

Thank goodness we signed Alston.
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