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[Porter Airlines] Porter - save by booking to Tremblant

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May 7, 2017
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[Porter Airlines] Porter - save by booking to Tremblant

I’ve been playing with the Porter site and noticed that many flights to tremblant stop at Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or a combination of those cities. If you actually want to just go to one of those cities, it is often cheaper to book to Tremblant and don’t use the last leg of your trip. In my case, I could book a trip from Thunder Bay to Tremblant, get off in Toronto, and not use the final leg to Tremblant. This saved $100.

Strictly speaking this does not adhere to their rules, but I understand they probably won’t care if you don’t make a habit of it. Don’t make this the middle of your flights, as they may cancel the rest of your bookings.

Of course, if your flight gets rescheduled you may end up on a direct flight to Tremblant or go through another city, so it’s not risk free.
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But can you get back on from Toronto is the question