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Post your warranty/RMA experiences

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Mar 14, 2005
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City of Vancouver
Bought a set of expensive Le Creuset ramekins from Winners. When I opened the sealed packaging at home, it revealed rough bumps in the glazing at the base of one ramekin. Emailed Le Creuset about the five year warranty. They initially told me to get an exchange or refund from Winners. I responded I can only get store credit. Le Creuset then responded that Winners sells seconds, thus the cheaper price, and that Le Creuset's warranty won't cover those. WTF, nowhere does the packaging indicate that it is seconds! If their packaging would have allowed me to see their entire product, or if it had been labelled seconds, I wouldn't be going thru this hassle in the first place. I think Le Creuset's quality control is the real issue here. Besides, it's just one unused ramekin. No skin off their backs to replace one ramekin.
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Dec 19, 2013
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Contacted Sno-Tek (Arien) regarding a snowblower that didn't start at the 1st snow of the season, turned out its warranty expired a month or 2 ago but they still offered me to extend the warranty for free to cover this repair.
I was able to fix it by replacing the plug but it was nice of them to cover the out of warranty repair.
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Apr 26, 2004
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I had a pair of defective Patriot Memory RAM sticks. I emailed them, received the RMA instructions, mailed them to their office in California and they mailed back the replacements with the tracking number. All of this was done very quickly and efficiently, so no problems with Patriot at all.