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Pre-wedding Photography in Guild Park

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May 1, 2008
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Pre-wedding Photography in Guild Park

Hi I am planning to do a pre-wedding photography at Guild Park in Scarborough during the weekday like Monday. I was wondering if anyone have experience requiring a permit on a weekday to take pre-wedding photo? Yes I will be wearing my wedding dress. My uncle will do the photography but I don't think they would differentiate my uncle from professional wedding photographer because I am wearing the white dress. I went to Guild Park this Saturday and saw a wedding party. I don't see any security guards there.
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Jun 15, 2012
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Your wedding-like attire and your actions as a couple classify you as "Formal Photography", however if you don't care that you may be booted off by a bylaw officer and if you have a backup location/day, skip the permit especially since there's only 3 of you.

A wedding party or group who must shoot on that day, in that location, will want authority over the area, and will get a permit e.g.; you can call bylaw to come and move people having a picnic if they are in a spot you want to use and they refuse (unlikely but your permit has clout).

I did an engagement shoot at Kariya Park, I'm sure the other photogs with couples that day didn't have a permit either, only the big wedding parties.


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