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Properly using Employee Benefits Programs

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Dec 11, 2008
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pimpilsang wrote: could you please say a bit more about custom shoes? PM if you don't feel like sharing in public Smiling Face With Sunglasses.
I'd appretiate any other tips on maximizing benefits, as I am totally new to having them.

I saw the ad on some optical store the other day: Use your benefits before they expire Dec 31st! Did I miss something here if I remain at the same employer with the same benefits package? I mean what is different after dec 31st... :rolleyes:
It depends on the provider and their plans. They also know your benefits to see how they can maximize the number of shoes you get. Mine is quite generous at giving us 4 pair of shoes per year per person. Custom shoes = orthopedic shoes. So not always the prettiest but super comfy and we need them anyways given our flat feet. So they not only are free but we do need them and prefer them.

As for optical stores, anyone who says USE YOUR BENEFITS is just reminding you that if you have vision coverage, use them before the year ends so you can claim money. Everyone has different plans and benefits so check your. Some people only get 80% up to $XXX per year. Some get $600 every 2 years etc. Find out what you have and then head to a good optical store and see what they can do for you to stretch your dollars.

Most vision benefits (glasses) are every 2 years worth of coverage and it's usually annual. So Dec 31st would be a cut off date to get glasses every 2 years.
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Sep 12, 2012
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User455957 wrote: I'm employed by a health authority on Vancouver Island
My GF uses the 10 messages I get every year
My employer matches dollar for dollar in the municipal pension plan
Prescription drug coverage, 180 vacay hrs a year, sick time, compassionate leave...a whole slew other bennies I haven't really had to use
You're allowed to share your benefits with your GF?