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PS4 Price Check: Firmware 5.05

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  • Jun 10th, 2018 9:38 am
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Apr 17, 2003
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PS4 Price Check: Firmware 5.05

Price Check: Is there a premium for HEN-able/Jailbreak-able PS4 (Firmware 5.05)?
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Mar 28, 2011
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i gave you an upvote because i didn't know what you were talking about until i googled it and realized ps4 was finally hacked and the 5.05 firmware was hacked on may 27

i booted up my ps4 slim (which was a original 4.55 from uncharted 4 slim eb games trade in promo) to find out my last update was in January and that was it, so Im on 5.05 as well

funny because as soon as i booted it up, it was downloading 5.55 which i promptly deleted and took the ps4 offline

i guess i'll keep this now and pickup another ps4 (probably a pro) to do my legit online gaming and keep the slim for trial/testing software i would have never purchased anyway


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