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Purolator driver SIGNED and LEFT my LAPTOP on my doorstep and NOW ITS MISSING

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  • Jan 15th, 2019 7:29 pm
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Jul 10, 2003
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Happened to me with a UPS delivery from Burberry. All Burberry deliveries require a signature and with detailed tracking, I thought it wouldn't be possible to lose the package. The delivery date comes and the tracking detail updates to "Delivery Complete" with the note "Left at front door". I search all over and I don't see anything.

Calling Burberry has them open an incident with UPS which takes 14 days to investigate. No money returned and no replacement order sent... It doesn't matter that UPS didn't get a signature even though it was required. A week later I get a call from an unknown caller, they have my package. They live three streets over with the same house number. I ask Burberry/UPS what to do and they tell me to get it myself... Which I do.

The unknown neighbor called me because my number was on the packing slip. Asking them why they waited a week, they told me that they would have kept it if nobody came but they knew someone would be looking for it considering the package value on the packing slip.

Learned my lesson...
Bad on Burberry for not doing anything to help - "You need the order for a gift? You need to pay for a new order while UPS investigates."
Bad on UPS for not caring - "Package found. Incident closed."

Long story short - OP, your package could be in your neighbourhood but not on your street. It could have been signed for by a house three streets over. Nobody will care until the investigation is over and you might need to do a chargeback. Best case scenario, Purolator finds your laptop but if they can't find anything, then you might be in limbo between Dell and Purolator.
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Jun 11, 2005
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Purolato sucks

I still didn’t receive my product lol.
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