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QoS & Bandwidth shaping for USENET and VOIP (DIR-825)

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  • Apr 15th, 2011 11:14 am
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Aug 28, 2001
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QoS & Bandwidth shaping for USENET and VOIP (DIR-825)

I have a DIR-825 router with a QoS engine.

My problem: I have a dedicated machine that downloads from usenet 24/7. While downloading, all my bandwidth is going to that machine and all other machines slow to a crawl. I've lived with it, but now I'm going to a VOIP service and it probably spells disaster.

Will the DIR-825 be able to prioritize my traffic properly? I want usenet (port 563) to have the lowest, and voip the highest. Web surfing should be in between.

I don't mind spending cash and getting another router, but it's got to be easy.
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Jul 18, 2009
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I'm not familiar with the QoS capabilities of the DIR-825, but you ARE going to need a good QoS strategy if you plan to migrate into VoIP and have it coexist w/ usenet downloads.


1. Setup your router's factory fw QoS as best you can.

2. Look to find if 3rd party fw is available for that router; Tomato and dd-wrt both have QoS and are likely to be better that what the factory code provides.

3. If you're using a newsreader that has a "Speed Limit" option e.g. SABNZBD, you can set the download limit, which also reduces the outbound ACK packets.

Finally, you don't mention what VoIP service you're thinking about, but some e.g. allow you to sign up before porting your number, thus you can fund the account ($25 min) and test the service for outbound calls, all while optimizing your QoS. Only initiate the port once you're happy :)