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Questions about Fido HUP

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Jan 1, 2013
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Questions about Fido HUP

Hey folks, I've been a Fido customer for about 20 months now.
My current phone is LG Xenon and my contract with Fido ends on May of 2013.

I heard that you can apply for Hardware Upgrade Program as long as 3 months to 6 months is left of your contract.
So since my contract ends this May, I qualify for HUP, right?

What exactly is HUP anyway? I read some threads on here, but I don't quite get it.

1. Do I just call Fido and ask for HUP?
2. If I choose to stay with Fido, will they give me a free phone and a deal for the plan?
3. Also, I often hear that people got free phone from Fido... What did they do to get the free phone?

Any answers or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks! http://f.redflagdeals.com/images/icons/ ... ing-16.png
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http://www.fido.ca/web/content/phonewar ... rade_phone

Note that if you upgrade your phone on contract with 5 months left, your new contract will be that contract + 5 months. IOW, if you sign on for a new 2-year contract (with a new phone) tomorrow, your contract won't end until May of 2015.
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