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Dec 7, 2005
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I use QuickBooks Pro (I do payroll manually) for the books in my 2 person corporation. My account said either was fine as she has access to both and will just import the numbers anyway. In fact most accountants said the same thing (either was fine).

I found QuickBooks easier to use as, especially at the start, it's easier to correct problems. I didn't mind Sage, just Quickbooks was cheaper and just felt easier to learn (the live chat/forums thing is useful!).

Good luck in your hunt for a product!
Mar 25, 2007
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ease comes from experience with the product, I tried Sage after using QB but found that possible because I had used QB for so long Sage was more technical and harder to use. I like and use QB2011. I would recommend trying both as I think they both have demos. Your accountant probably has started off with and is now using Sage so that may be why they suggest Sage, QB has a feature to export for accountant, I have never used it but you may want to do what I did before making my decision and that is comply a list of questions regarding what I need the software to do then calling each company and getting the low down.
Feb 7, 2013
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There are pros and cons for both.

Simply/Sage looks better - it's easier on the eyes. The reports are always clean and accurate. The audit trail is transparent. It's easier to understand what's happening - IF you have a clear understanding of double-entry accounting. It's very unforgiving of data entry errors. It provides a very clear audit trail.

QuickBooks looks bad - it's a visual jumble compared to Simply. The reporting is far more flexible, allowing you to create a lot of custom reports - but the reports can produce inaccurate numbers. It uses more of a database approach so it's easier for people who DON'T have a good understanding of double entry accounting. It's very forgiving of errors because you can correct a transaction retroactively and keep the same journal number. The audit trail is not great.

Keep in mind that your data entry may be perfect, but if you're given junk information that constantly needs to be corrected later, QuickBooks will keep your books a lot cleaner than Simply/Sage. However, the ability to correct transactions retroactively reduces "control" over the bookkeeping and makes it possible to truly make a mess of the books.

In short, QuickBooks is better for a bookkeeper who knows what they're doing and needs to run a business on a day-to-day basis. Simply/Sage is better for the year-end accountant. Simply/Sage may be better for a business owner who wants better "control" over the bookkeeping, but QuickBooks is better if they want any kind of management reporting.
Mar 3, 2010
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i more like to use Quickbooks, however the new look for 2013 is terrible. but quickbooks is better to check the vendor and customer report.
Jan 15, 2013
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In my honest opinion choosing between two bad and expensive computer programs is a disgrace. They deceive you, they pump money out of your pocket just like Bell and Rogers. You overpaid for the software when you bought it. Then they interrupt your business by asking to install an update, then they ask to pay, and if you chose to return back to the version you purchased, your accounting file can not be read. You gotta pay or lose your accounting. Can that be good? Will any big business tolerate such a supplier? They'll go broke in a blink. But these guys are marketed. They are legal. And, they know that you are not an expert most times. Why the update? Payroll tables? Can't that be included in the 300, 400, or 700 that you paid first? The payroll tables are free in the first place, can't the programmer make an option to download update from CRA site? Or the support site of the provider? Is it a favor too big? The rest of accounting (bookkeeping in their case) is same for centuries).

If you know how to make a transaction for payroll, you can use any software and do not owe to any of these guys.

leidreamer wrote:
Feb 18th, 2013 7:55 pm
i more like to use Quickbooks, however the new look for 2013 is terrible. but quickbooks is better to check the vendor and customer report.


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