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Raptor fan from Winnipeg

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Apr 4, 2006
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Raptor fan from Winnipeg

Raptor fan from Winnipeg flying to Toronto for game 2!

Does anyone have a presale code that I can please have? I'll be forever greatful!!! I believe the presale starts Monday.

Thank you I'm advance!

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Aug 21, 2007
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I'd not get your hope's up since i suspect seasons holders like myself have shared our codes with other seasons holders in the area to get more tickets for family and friends.
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Dec 20, 2015
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Toronto, ON
If you can't get any codes or tix.. I'd suggest joining all the peeps in Jurassic Park!

When the Raps won Game 6, the place was lit! It's finals now, and for sure we going to have a good showdown.
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Nov 20, 2010
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If I'm not lucky enough to score tickets today, there's no way I'm watching at Jurassic Park. It would be absolutely too crazy even for me. I've done JP twice before in other seasons and I friggin' learned my lesson. LOL

Instead I'm gonna be at various sports bars for the games and not too close to the Scotiabank Arena. It would definitely be fun around there, but also total chaos because of overcrowding which is life-threatening.

Also, last thing I wouldn't do is watch the NBA Finals at home. Just not for me! Smiling Face With Sunglasses
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Feb 9, 2009
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All the bars are gonna be rammed and early. I went to
Game 6 and the streets were so rammed I couldn’t even find the entrance to the arena since everything was blocked off (was off to the side having to navigate it like a damn maze)

If one of your friends has a nice place with a nice tv invite them over. I got a nice finished basement, if I can’t land tickets then it’s house party time