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Oct 7, 2007
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I can't believe how many new taxes are being added to our plate every day in B.C. Not sure why anyone would want to retire here just to keep the government funded. Property tax will be going up almost 10% if you add up the increases from last year (4.24%) and (almost 5%) this year. Then there is the newly added "school tax" which isn't really a school tax but an asset tax, the first of its kind in Canada. Then there is the excessive gas tax and even cost of gas. Car insurance through ICBC is being jacked to cover for a billion dollar shortfall. Today our provincial politicians are excited about bring in some new carbon tax on natural gas which will make natural gas unaffordable. Meanwhile B.C. Hydro is trying to put in a 40% rate increase and we will all be forced to dump our natural gas and move to hydro by which time they will need new infrastructure that will require even more increases. This is completely insane! Meanwhile the government workers are getting paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars while services are shrinking. Something is seriously wrong here.

Don't think I'll ever be able to afford to retire at this pace of increased taxation.