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Aug 20, 2009
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panda470 wrote: They quoted me about $1500
Does that include HST and disbursements? You have to be aware that some offices will quote a very low legal fee but make it up on the back end by charging for disbursements that some other offices may eat the cost of.

If the closing is or becomes complicated, there may be additional legal fees for extra time and expense incurred to deal with those issues.
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Jul 3, 2011
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Happened to run into him today and mentioned that direct contact was a concern mentioned online (I didn't give any other info). He admitted that that has happened at times, handed me his card with his number and said he is available for calls 24/7. Whether it's true or not, I don't know. Buyers of my listings have used him, my clients have not.
starchyk wrote: Having dealt with Homelegalcost as a lawyer, I would not hire them myself. Everything seems to be done by clerks, and it is almost impossible to speak with a lawyer at those offices. Which is fine, unless something goes wrong. That's when I want to pull out my hair!
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Jan 21, 2012
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n2d2 wrote: Try the following: http://www.gundinghansllp.com/
I have used their services before for closing my home and they are good. I dealt with Harpreet Hans.
I wouldn not recommend this firm to anyone. I recently used them to handle a property purchase and was pretty disappoined with them. As a friend put it, a para-legal could have done a better job of protecting my interest in this case.

1. Poor communication with clients - They respond to your calls/emails when they think it is conveninent (either they are too busy or don't care).
2. Did not deliver on promise - the seller took away the gazebo bolted to the deck. At the time of sigining the contract with the law firm, the lawyer assured me that she would get my gazebo back. She couldn't. All she could get me is $350. It is going to cost me ~$800 get the exact same gazebo installed.
3. Couldn't defend my interest - The seller was not allowing us to do a final walk-through before closing. As per the purchase agreement we had the right to do one last visit. While the lawyer intially said we must be able to do the final walk-through, she couldn't do much. After closing, we realized that the seller had removed the dressing mirror in the washroom, and left a some large holes in a wall of the hall. We couldn't do anythign about.
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Dec 27, 2013
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I'm using realestatelawyers.ca $995+hst including all disbursements for my purchase. So far everything has been smooth.