Really need an oil change on the day of. Can anyone recommend a mechanic willing to do it?

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May 29, 2017
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Really need an oil change on the day of. Can anyone recommend a mechanic willing to do it?

My job has me out of the city every week and im always back on weekends. My dealership is backed up until late December to change my oil Mazada 3 2017. Can anyone recommend a place to do it. I was told to use Canadian tire and mr lube; however, I read too many forums stating against going such places, so im hoping someone can recommend someone they have faith in.

I understand I can do it myself, but im not someone who is capable of doing such a job. At least not now, so if anyone can make a recommendation I would really appreciate it.
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Need a place or revered mechanic that would do an oil change on a saturday or sunday.
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Check out iGarage.
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If a Costco member, depending on province (sorry, mobile app doesn't show your location), you can get it done there. It's busy time with tires and that gets priority, so it's a first come first serve in the morning.

After that, you're at the mercy of Mr.Lube type places.

If you really have to use a stealership, you can always call a non-Mazda dealerships to see if they can service. Most can do other makes and models.
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Last resort, go on TorontoMazda3 forum and ask if someone can lend a hand to do oil change, provided you have the oil and filter. Offer a case of 2'4s or maybe 2 cases.

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Jul 26, 2007
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Just goto any lube place and pray. You dont got much of time before they close and your new car exploding because it need fresh oil and of course, cant wait few extra days.
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Nov 8, 2017
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Most dealers open on Saturday Book an appointment ahead. Don't forget to ask for what services and cost b4 you go.
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Oil Changers have locations all over and wont upsell you. They dont do brakes, suspension, etc so they have nothing to rip you off on. Check them out. Their also pretty fast and have good services included with the oil change like free tire air, fluid top up, door hinge lube, windshield wash, etc.
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