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Recently canceled Rogers Internet, got a letter in the mail asking me to come back..

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  • Feb 28th, 2011 11:28 am
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Dec 3, 2004
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Recently canceled Rogers Internet, got a letter in the mail asking me to come back..

I recently canceled my Rogers Internet and switched to TekSavvy.

Got a letter from the VP of Marketing of Rogers in the mail, saying how it's disconcerting I left, blah blah blah, here's an offer to come back, please consider, blah blah blah.

The insulting part of it is, it was only for 20% off, and a 1 year contract must be agreed to! Adding insult to injury, they offered me a $70 Mastercard pre-paid gift card.

High Speed Express is 46.99 last I looked. (1 Mbps down, 0.5Mbps up, 60GB bandwidth limit) 20% off for a one year contract is $37.59.

Whereas, TekSavvy - $31.95 (same speeds, 300GB bandwidth limit). No contract!!

I found this quite revolting and insulting, having been a Rogers customer for more than 15 years now. This is how you win loyalty for customers to come back? Offer a pitiful remittance to your ex-client base that your competition under their normal operating capacity, still beats your offered services??

Needless to say, I shot off a friendly email to this VP of Marketing guy and told him to piss off, this offer was insulting and that Rogers will not get anymore of my money and how he can offer me a $70 Mastercard gift card, when all I want is a better deal! In a professional manner of course.

What a laughable offer.
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Get used to these sorts of insults. I ditched Bhell DSL for TekSavvy several years ago yet I still get regular letters "signed" by Bhell executives who want me to come back. Their "deals" aren't as good as what I get from TekSavvy, never mind the higher 300GB cap. Family members and friends who I also convinced to dump Bhell also continue to get these insults. It's just Bhell's and Robbers' way of reminding you how good a decision you made in dumping them.
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