recommendation for a dog trainer/class for 5 months old Maltese in York Region please?

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Jul 24, 2003
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recommendation for a dog trainer/class for 5 months old Maltese in York Region please?

our dog can do simple sit and lay down but doesn't stay still or respond to come, I figure I should put my daughter with her thru some kind of training so she can learn the basics properly. Did some search but couldn't find a good one near home.

Really appreciate if anyone can refer us to a good one and reasonablely priced. how's Petsmart's training classes btw ?
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Jan 28, 2014
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If you do a search of the Pet Forum you may well be able to find a trainer.

Re Petsmart - my advice would be "no" - except for socialization.
Jul 23, 2009
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petSmart could be a hit or miss depending on he trainer. The trainers generally work with you to help you train the dog, but don't expect miracles from 1 hour of class per week. you will have to do a lot of work at home.
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Apr 25, 2011
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Unless your dog needs socialization do not go to PetSmart. They aren't really trainers -- I hear they take 60-80 hour course through PetSmart and apparently that's what it takes to be a trainer? Uh... no. A good trainer really understands dogs. That doesn't happen in a two week span. I've overheard some really terrible advice given by their so called "trainers".

As far as basic training goes, if your daughter is motivated she can teach the dog at home. There is no need for classes unless you are wanting a higher level of understanding -- various training techniques, behaviour advice etc. Even then the advice can be bad. I believe it's important to look at what drives each dog and work from there, not all dogs will work on the same methods.

Having said all that, looking at some videos online to teach recall is what I'd suggest.

Most commonly I believe the method used is simple: If the dog does not understand the word at all, start on leash and say come, tug on the leash slightly to get the dog to your side and give a treat when they do. Once they get the concept of it try off leash in your house. If you have a yard that is the next step and make it a game of hide and seek. You need to slowly build up to more and more distractions, they aren't going to be perfect right away. During this period make sure you walk around with very high reward treats at all times. If the dog comes, make sure you have a great treat and lots of praise. Once the dog is consistently obeying the command you can wean them off treats to just occassionally.
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Aug 5, 2003
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PetSmart training depends on he instructor, we were happy with the couple classes we did with our westie a couple years ago, good value. And I'd recommend it if you are a first time owner.

We also did some more advanced training with a private instructor, also very worthwhile imo, but more cash then PS. Pm me if you want their details.
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Dec 18, 2006
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Search for "Eric Straetmans' Beyond The Leash K9 training"

17 yrs experience and incredible results. Halfway into the 12 week course with my 1.5yr old English Bully and the improvement is dramatic.

He has free drop in to see a class in progress (without your dog) as it is unlike Petsmart training, and may not be for everyone.

Only thing is that it's at Southdown & Royal Windsor dr, but it is well worth the drive.

Good luck!
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