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Recommendations for BFriday phones and possibly plans

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  • Nov 22nd, 2018 9:56 pm
Nov 21, 2018
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Recommendations for BFriday phones and possibly plans

Hey everyone,

Been hoping to catch some deals this black friday weekend. Currently I'm on the $60 plan and 10GB with Telus and don't have a second line as yet.

Looking at possibly at an iphone for my main and a cheap work phone for a secondary.

I want to keep my main in the price range it is now with the same data but am willing to go a little less if there's a phone plan available with 8GB that's decent. For my secondary work phone I just need the basics upwards to 500 minutes canada wide calling with caller id and unlimited texts and minimal to no data is needed.

I can see that Koodo has the black friday stuff but holy crap that thread has gotten large and I'm not sure a new customer would be benefited by what they have going on.

Thanks for any suggestions.