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Recycled wood for Decks?

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  • Feb 25th, 2019 8:16 am
Oct 18, 2018
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Recycled wood for Decks?

Been reading about some materials for a project I have in mind and came across "composite decking". I just learned about it, and apparently it uses recycled wood and/or plastics. That's a good bonus for me, because it also looks great.
However, with the increasing rise in popularity of composite decking, what is it made of and why does it last so much longer compared to its wood counterpart? Composite decking is actually made of wood and plastic, but these can be made up of many different materials, hence the name ‘composite’. For instance, the wood particles can be comprised of wood chips, wood fibre or even sawdust while the plastic parts can be recycled plastic materials.
(source: ... ufactured/)

Seems like it's gotten more popular, based on what's mentioned above. Anybody tried this before?

P.S. I added images to give an idea to those who haven't seen it
  • Ash-Composite-Decking-2-1024x1024.png
  • Graphite-Composite-Decking-2-1024x1024.png
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Jan 2, 2012
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You'll probably get more input if you post this in the Home and Garden section.

Composite is a nice looking product for sure, and the maintenance is low.
It is, however, substantially more expensive than 5/4 deck boards.
Few random items; IIRC, it requires 12" on centre joist spacing, so putting on an existing 16" o.c. deck will be more work . The boards tend to get quite hot in the summer sun, so going barefoot is not fun.