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Locked: Buy, Sell, and Trade Feedback - How To Use

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Toronto Buy, Sell, and Trade Feedback - How To Use

We've implemented a new internal Feedback system for the Buy, Sell, or Trade (BST) Forums. This post is meant to answer common questions about the system.


What is the BST Feedback system?

The BST Feedback system is a way for regular traders on to build a reputation here so that other users can identify good traders and bad traders can be avoided. The feedback system is only meant to rate completed transactions.

Do I have to use the Feedback system?

Using the Feedback system is completely optional. No one will be punished for not using the feedback system. You are free to use Heatware or any other 3rd party system that you currently use.

Did you build this feedback system?

No, this system is a plug-in for the forum software we use (vBulletin) called iTrader. As such, we cannot make radical changes to the functionality of the system.

The Ratings:

A buyer, seller, or trader can be given one of 3 ratings:

:D Positive: You would give this rating if the transaction went as planned and everything was as described.

Image Neutral: You would give this rating if the transaction went through, but not without significant difficulties (someone canceling a meeting at the last minute, etc).

:mad: Negative: You would give this rating if either the goods were not as described or something fraudulent happened. Mods are emailed whenever a negative rating is given.

The Feedback Score:

The Feedback Score is based on how many USERS have given you a rating, not on how many ratings you have. For example, if 3 users had given you a Positive rating and 1 user had given you a Negative rating, you would have a feedback score of 2 even if you had multiple feedbacks from the 3 who gave you Positive ratings. Your full feedback history is accessible to everyone on your feedback page.

How do I see my own ratings?

You can access your feedback page by visiting your Public Profile, clicking the BST Feedback button on the forum navigation bar or by clicking on the BST Feedback link that is listed underneath your name in each post you make in the BST.

Getting and Leaving Feedback:

How do I give a rating?

This feedback system is based on completed transactions, therefore you must first have completed a transaction as either a buyer, seller, or trader.

  1. To give feedback you must first access the other trader's Feedback page either by clicking on the BST Feedback link in a post they have made or by viewing their Public Profile page and clicking on the BST Feedback link.
  2. On the user's feedback page click "Submit Feedback for (Username)"
  3. Fill in all of the fields. You are required to reference a specific Buy, Sell, and Trade thread for the transaction in question. Simply copy and paste the URL of the thread where the sale was first posted. This is what a URL looks like:

    Code: Select all
  4. In the Additional comments: field you can leave comments that only you, the other trader and/or the staff can view. You must fill in this field if you are leaving a negative feedback.
  5. Submit your feedback. The other trader will be notified that they have new feedback via Private Message.
Leaving negative or positive Feedback for a trade that did not happen is a bannable offense!

How do I respond to a rating?

When you receive a new rating, you will be notified via the Private Messaging system. You will have 30 days to respond to the feedback. To respond simply click the Image icon.

Can I edit a rating?

You have 5 minutes from the time you post a feedback to edit out any mistakes. If there is a serious mistake, you can contact a moderator and they can fix it for you.

What do I do if someone gives me a fake rating?

Each feedback has a Report this Feedback link that looks like this Image. When you report a feedback all of the moderators will be notified of the problem and they will review it.

Why am I a "New Trader"?

Until you have received a Feedback score of 5, you will be considered a New Trader. Certain restrictions are placed on new traders to prevent spamming and false feedback.

How many feedback ratings can I give or receive in one day?

New Traders can give or receive only 3 feedbacks per day. Once you have a Feedback score of 5 or over, you can give or receive as many feedbacks per day as you like.

Other Helpful Information:

To prevent a user from artificially inflating someone else's feedback, if a user posts another feedback for the same user, only the first one positive or first negative is credited towards their total score.
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