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Refunds for Defective Products: Consumer Protection Laws in Ontario

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  • Feb 17th, 2019 10:30 am
Oct 3, 2018
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Your consumer rights are protected by many different acts. Some acts are enforced by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and some by other organizations. ... The Consumer Protection Act ( CPA ) governs most common consumer transactions in the marketplace and home.
Feb 1, 2019
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aub3rgine wrote:
Jan 5th, 2019 11:24 am
It's a bit difficult to explain but in short, the left and the right arms are not made evenly and has a bit of a crack. However, the lenses are fine and does not interfere with the function of the glasses. I bought these glasses from a small optical store in Markham.

The optician claims a new pair has been shipped since mid November. Since I've dropped off the defective pair, I've ordered a few pairs online without issues and happy with their service. Anyway, I don't know what else to do but wait. I was thinking of demanding my money back. I highly doubt they will give me my money back.

By any chance "small optical store in Markham" is it an Asian optical store? If it is, good luck getting your money back!! Can you email Manufacturer directly with info? The optical store most likely waiting for more orders to avoid paying fees.
Feb 16, 2019
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hello, I purchase a laundry center( the combined washer and dryer) from best buy online. they didn't ask me online when check out about a new washer hose and air duct to go with the machine and I know i need it for installation and therefore I call them to see if i can buy one and they can delivery it at the same time with the machine... ( they need an unopen box of hose and duct in order to install my machine. I know it is a must!)

-order over the phone and a couple days later received an email about the washer hose and duct cannot be deliver due to not order at the same time with the machine
- they suggest me to purchase it from the store( I then bought it and pick up at the store).
- for some reason.. we missed the delivery of the machine on the schedule day ( I think it is my mistake!)
- reschedule it for another date, The delivery team came in and advise it is a three men job to delivery and they only have 2 men( we have a few steps of stairs).... they have to reschedule another date! okay, another morning is gone for waiting!
- a few days later they delivery it and we found out the machine doesn't work ( at night time to try).. the machine wouldn't start and/or fill water!
we ensure all other element is on and working( power, tap is turn on) but no luck.

-the next day i call the bestbuy office to report this and they ask me to exchange it for another one.
to simplify things I went to the store to speak with them ( i realize online order and store order are different.. ) i need to refund the defective one(online order) and purchase another one( in store) so I purchase another one and ask them to deliver it on a schedule date.

- after a few days the second machine arrived( LOL! they only have 2 men deliver at the time!) and we still have problem to made it work! the machine will stop on its own and the door cannot be open ( we try to reset it)
-really not happy with it since I spent over 3 weeks on these and have to meet with the delivery team 4 times( extra couple time to disconnect the hose and duct and run in the store to buy the hose).
-I went to the store to report the problem and the sales manager refuse for a refund and ask me to report to the repair center! he said if the repair center determine it is a defective machine then I will get a refund or exchange! that means I have to schedule another appointment for repair to come in!
-disapointed with it since two machine ( same brand) have the same problem and they are brand new. I told him i do not have any more trust with this brand anymore and would like to exchange to a different brand. no luck... !

-then i call their customer service and they said if it is defective and they are happy to refund me but the call center cannot order that for me and I need to go to the store to do that. they then transfer me to the customer service from the store i purchase and explain the situation and the customer manager said she will be happy to refund or exchange it for me.

- I went to the store again today and spoke with the customer manager and she refer me back to the sales associate to choose for an exchange.

-despirt of 3 weeks, hours on the phone from dpartment to department... trips to the store talk with the sales person.. I would like to move on and purchase another one and get it delivery then end of my problem.. but i guess the sales manager that refuse to exchange it for me yesterday saw me and he called the head office to stop the exchange! and now they said my only option is call the repair center and let them to determine if the machine is defective or not then I will have my exchanage or refund.

- so, before I contact my lawyer, can anyone have any insight on these? even they repair this unit and i am afraid it will broke down again!

-on top of all of these... the machine deliver to my rental condo in toronto and I am in Ottawa. I have to do all these remotely from Ottawa. get guys to meet the delivery, pick up the hose from best buy store, get guys to disconnect the washer hose and duct for bestbuy team to install.
my renter cannot do his laundry for over 3 weeks... may be more now!

so, anybody have any words of wisdom?
I am determine to bring them to a court of law if needed.