Remember Phil from YTV?

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  • Jul 6th, 2013 3:44 pm
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Dec 14, 2009
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TSDH wrote:
Jul 5th, 2013 3:38 pm
He has a youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/jphilipguerrero) and turns out he's back in Canada, hosting a public access show on Rogers that's basically a "mature" version of the Zone:
[/ video]
I gotta admit that the dialogue segments are pretty tedious to watch, at least compared to his golden moments in YTV:
[/ video]
Don't care if this is an old thread. That was so awkward. Were all his segments like that? Makes me wish I was old enough to host back then. I definitely could've done a better job. The standard is a bit higher these days.
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May 20, 2010
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toeknee89 wrote:
Jul 6th, 2013 5:45 am
Don't care if this is an old thread. That was so awkward. Were all his segments like that? Makes me wish I was old enough to host back then. I definitely could've done a better job. The standard is a bit higher these days.
Yep, all his segments were improvised like that. Thing is though, the standards of people watching the show were lower back then and even Phil kinda acknowledged that he wouldnt be able to host YTV under the standards of today in reddit post. Pretty good read for anyone interested in stuff he's done since leaving YTV. (http://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments ... /c28hf1a):
jphillipguerrero wrote:Ah you guys are the best, read all the comments and appreciate the memories. Such a black hole left between the end of my days of the Zone and now, ok. After 11 great years at YTV I totally felt like I'd reached as far as I could go there. God bless them, they gave me a reason to hang around...I did The Zone, Anti-Gravity Room, Warp, Gamerz, not too mention all the YTV Achievement Awards, Halloween Specials, Santa Calls, Zone on Tour, WARP Tour, all kinds of other stuff I can't remember, plus all the basketball stuff before Dunk Street...the list goes on and on. 11 years...great experience but felt like I had to move on. Lesson one. Remain a student...keep learning. Next thing. Quit. 2001. Get agent. No job but gonna be an actor. Did a Relic Hunter, Adventures of Shirley Holmes, couple of seasons of a Nick cartoon named Pelswick. Shot a design show for Fashion Television Network called, "Feng Shui Life" for a couple of seasons. Cut to: a screening of a VH1 Movie of the Week I did. I had one line. I did it in an English accent, my scene comes up. I can't understand a word I just said on a huge screen. I repeat to myself in my head, "that was the worst acting I've ever seen...you are not an actor...you are not an actor..." Surprise...get agent in LA and move there for 6 years. Highlights: Reality show called, "Style me with Rachel Hunter" for W Network. Kicked off in first elimination round. I was not dramatic enough. Took Hip Hop dance classes in North Hollywood at a place called Millenium from Justin Timberlake's choreographer Marty Kudelka. Joined a goth band called, "Razed in Black" as their touring guitar player, 2 1/12 months, 45 shows, LA to Montreal then back to LA, last show in Honolulu. I was 32 and never been in a band before. Carrying my own equipment type tour though, ***** that was hard work but a great experience. My brothers to this day, that band. Oh, hahaha tried to be a fashion designer in LA, no kidding. Don't ask me how it happened but started studding these heavy metal denim jackets by hand and made some for celebrities. Made a whole outfit for Lil' Mama, the judge from America's Best Dance Crew...met Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Pink, Samantha Ronson, Lindsey Lohan, LMFAO, Tricky, blah blah, all from the fashion design thing. Lesson two, If someone asks you if you're a fashion designer you say, "Yes, I am..." crazy time over there. Moved back after visa ran out, did a couple of shows from CMT and now playing tennis and really enjoying the summer. Yes, I'm tanning too much...damn vitamin D, it's a drug. I go too used to the weather in LA. So life got crazy, finance went up then down then up again then down but all in all I've been lucky too indulge in life and it continues...oh and the Roger's Public Access show...took the opportunity because I knew that I kind of had to go backwards in able to go forwards. Let me explain. I watch TV now and feel ripped off in that, especially with TV personalities, well, it's so phony...everything feels like you're being sold something or people just aren't being themselves. So lame. I was lucky enough to be able to get away with what I did in the 90's with The Zone...nowadays, forget about it. "We have a great show for you today!!!" I refuse to do TV anymore if that's the crap I have to read off cue cards. No way. So as backwards or side ways as this all seems, the one thing I learned through it all is be yourself. I know you guys miss the simpler times of the 90's....no responsibility, phone bills or rent. Just cartoons and me talking crap but whatever. I get it. Kids can't read anymore. The one thing I know is that being in front of the lens again, (with the original SNIT by the way) doing the same stuff I did with a little more leeway, was...fun. So I hope it's fun to watch. Gonna go to bed now and yes, I'm tanned as balls, I blame the west coast...be safe everyone!!!

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