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Repooc's Dedicated Home Theater Build

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  • Jan 1st, 2019 4:21 pm
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Jul 6, 2005
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bjohannes wrote:
Sep 10th, 2018 9:49 pm
Awesome setup! Did you manage to source much of your stuff from this side of the border? All the DIY speaker stuff I've found is in the states.
The DIY speakers, yes... all from the states. But again, even with the cost to bring the components over, I'm still miles ahead on a cost:performance ratio on what I would have spent to get the same quality sound from a branded product.

The Fluance speakers (rear and side surrounds) are Canadian. Also my Anthem receiver is a Canadian product as well.

Leather seats were bought on bestbuy.ca

Screen was shipped in from the states.

Projector was shipped from the states.

Remote was shipped from the states.

Automatic door bottom shipped from the states.

Black velvet fabric shipped from the states.

Projector mount shipped from the states.

Power bridge units shipped from the states.

LED light for lighting cove shipped from the states.

.... sorry, just trying to recall off the top of my head the countless deliveries and boxes I had sitting in my dining room while the basement was being built.
Mar 15, 2005
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Earlier in this thread i mentioned i was planning on building my own home theater. This thread has inspired me to do considerably more than i had originally planned on doing, and my build is now well underway. I'd like to thank Repooc for sharing his design ideas and plans. Also a big thanks is in order for his patience when i asked all sorts of clarification and questions! I was going to start my own thread but there is no way i could compete with this RFD THREAD OF THE YEAR!!!

They say immitation is the greatest form of flattery, and i almost feel like I cheated with Repooc doing all this research and design on my behalf! But i did make some compromises enough changes Repooc's design, so hopefully he won't sue me for copyright infringement! :) I know he was considering going into business as a home theater consultant, we'll, its an honour being a beta-customer. :)

Stuff i copied aka ripped off from Repooc:
-room within a room design, with noise isolation clips, hat channels, double drywall, green glue
-65" deep riser for second row of seats
-utilizing the bulkhead running along the left side of the room, and build a fake bulkhead wrapped around the front and right of the room to house intake/exhaust for deadvents to adjacent rooms
-plans for LED lighting around the bulkhead
-potlights in the front bulkhead
-wired so equipment is in a closet outside the room
-copied his chief mount and isolated mounting solution
-copied his riser size and 7 seat configuration

i wired the room for 9.5.6 (yep, can place a sub in 5 different spots in the room (and ran wiring for tactile transducers for each row of seats) - no receiver can do it at the moment but i figure i'd futureproof myself.
While a false wall / transparent screen would have been nice, i couldnt justifify the added expense at this time. i may add in the future. Plus my 108" 16x9 screen will fit perfectly under the bulkhead with room for my towers on the sides.
the front row is about 12-13' away from the screen, which i think is good for a screen this size, its about a 35 degree viewing angle.
-i prefer having a 16x9 screen rather than 2.35:1 - i enjoy a good tv series just as much as movies, and i find top/bottom bars/masks to be a better compromise than sides.
-plan on in ceiling speakers with backer boxes rather than on ceiling speakers.
-ran conduit to the projector in case there is a new hdmi standard in the future that these cables cant handle, i can easily run new cables.
-for LED and side lights i plan on using Philips hue lights and LED strips. I know they are way more expensive than other LED's I plan on tying into my nest protects and doorbell so i can be visually alerted if there is any alarms or someone is at the door. The nvidia shield also allows you to bring the nest camera up on the screen :) - plus i always wanted to try THIS

equipment list (sofar)
-speakers - paradigm monitor series v6 (9's cc290, i also have atoms, minis, adp390's, and 7s) i know they are 10 years old but im pretty happy with them, plus they're canadian!. i'll decide what goes where later. and whether i'll use the ADP bipoles or direct firing for the sides.
https://www.paradigm.com/products-hidde ... page=specs
-sub - svs pb12 plus... this thing is a beast almost 150lbs and easily goes down to 16hz in single ported mode https://www.svsound.com/products/pb12-plus and should be able to pressurize a room my size
-atmos - picked up 6 these on the cheap from gibby's - everything i heard atmos doesnt carry / need much - https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/ ... l-speaker/ plus they have good off axis performance.
-projector - jvc announced thier new projectors last week, and i picked up the very well reviewed jvc x790 projector at a 33% discount. i know is 'faux k' but its got some of the most vivid colours out there out of any projector. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/ ... tor-review
-screen - 108" 16x9 elunevision reference studio 4k fits perfectly in my space https://www.eastporters.com/product/108 ... -1-0-gain/
-scone lights lights https://progresslighting.com/product/p7103-31/
-deadvent fans - http://vortexpowerfans.com/s600 - very quiet and push ALOT of air. also i was pleasantly surprised that they seal up when not in use to prevent backflow. (also a canadian company)
-nvidia shield

purchase wishlist:
-need a second sub. svs just announced that there is a 3000 series and they are phasing out the pb12 plus Might wait for svs 3000 series, or look for a matching pb12 plus now that svs is clearing them out.
-upgrade my speakers from paradigm monitor v6 to paradigm prestige series https://www.paradigm.com/products-curre ... s=prestige, but i think that will be a 2019 / 2020 project once my toy fund is replemished.
-i have a space under the upstairs fireplace in the back of the room, which i plan on creating some shelves in the back of the room. I may end up putting a cylinder sub back there.
-harmony elite remote
-new receiver that can do 7.2.4 minimum, will probably get the anthem 1120 (was looking at it before repooc's thread existed (again canadian) ) , but was eyeing the denon 8500H as it can do 6 overheads or front wides atmos which my space/wiring can support and i currently have the speakers for :)
-home theatre seating - looking at https://www.eastporters.com/product/val ... n-leather/
-center channel stand
-logitech harmony elite
-some sort of power conditioner (even tho anthem recommends against it)
-mass loaded vinyl - plan on affixing to door to soundproof it, or perhaps affix a layer of mdf on the inside sandwiched with green glue.

Currently they are just putting in the last of the hat channels , but there is insulation in all the walls and now i know what Repooc was talking about when he meant anachoic chamber, its dead silent in there, your ears kind of pop. I realize there will again be reflections once the walls are up, and plan on either purchasing or making acoustic panels for the primary reflection points.

I'm sure i won't match the visceral experience Repooc's man-cave has with his 120" screen with 4k native projection, with the chest pounding / brain rattling in the room cause by the dual 18" subs he has, but i think what i have is still something others will be envious of.
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Jul 6, 2005
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I can't wait to see this setup completed.

It's been a pleasure helping you along with your HT build!

6 atmos speakers will be absolutely bananas.
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Jul 6, 2005
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... Still a work in progress, but definitely all set to watch the big fight.

Ceiling colours set to green, white and orange to show my support!!
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Jul 6, 2005
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I'm not dead!! Still here! It's true when they say the last 20% of the project is the hardest... The law of 80:20 certainly applies to my HT build.

Progress really slowed down since the summer and I started watching movies in the HT despite the speakers and projector not being fully calibrated yet. I'm almost scared how ridiculously good this is gonna look/sound once everything is dialed in. I didn't want to venture too far down the road of speaker calibration because I didn't have my Atmos speakers built and installed yet.

..... That all changes today! Finally got off my lazy ass today to build the crossovers for each speaker.

Next up, building the cabinets....

Mar 15, 2005
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I watched gravity with the atmos soundtrack last night.
The immersive sound in that movie is really well done. When the camera view first went from outside to her point of view, it actually felt like you were inside her spacesuit and could feel yourself gasping for air.

Hurry up Repooc, you're missing out!

Edit: I never posted any pics or provided any details of my repooc inspired home theatre build. I'll be sure to get off my lazy ass as well and provide shortly.
Mar 15, 2005
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My room is basically done and I'm quite happy with the results. I'd like to again thank repooc for letting me borrow so many of his design plans.

here is an album of some pics of the build and finished product.

I've changed up a few things on my list above.

-while i wired for 6 overhead atmos speakers, i returned the 6 paradigm in ceiling and bought 4 of these after demoing them in eastporters showroom. They sound great and were a great value. http://www.dynamicaudiolabs.com/kvsc-80.html I may add 2 top middles down the road if i find a preprocessor / receiver that supports it.

-i couldn't find a matching sub for my svs pb12+, and i wanted something to fit under my screen, so i splurged and bought a pair of these: https://www.svsound.com/products/sb16-ultra . They may not provide as much oomph as their ported counterparts but the bass that they produce is so tight, absolutely no resonance, they start and stop on a dime. as for oomph, they still slam. Not the brain rattling of Repooc's build, but they definitely provide tactile feedback, no need for transducers. ARC room correction had me dial them back 6db to blend with my other speakers, i may crank them back to their original levels.

-i played around with several different speakers for side surrounds and rear surrounds, I know it goes against what Dolby Atmos recommends with their specs, but I've actually decided to go with old school bipole ADP-390's for the sides, and the smaller atom speakers in the rear. In the sides, the the direct firing monitor mini's provided the best sound for the money center seat, the rest of the seats suffered. They were especially distracting when sitting in the front side seats when they are only 3' from your ear. I mounted the atoms in the rear, as the mini monitors again would have been too deep for the back row of seats.

-my lighting cove isn't as jaw dropping as Repooc's but i still think what i built looks decent. in the pics you can see how i hid the wires in under the crown molding and in the bulkhead. I ended using this company's foam crown molding and installed it simliar to this:

I used Philips hue lightstrips and they are tied to the 4 philips hue bulbs on the side walls. I even installed a hue sync app on the nvidia shield so if i want the the lights in the room mirror whats on the screen while movies are playing. Its a bit distracting but puts on a neat show, and the kids love it.

I ended up getting bigger seats https://www.eastporters.com/product/val ... motorized/ with 3 in the front and 4 in the back, with a loveseat configuration in the middle. I didn't score the deal of a lifetime Repooc did with his seating but at least 2 people have fallen asleep in these chairs as they are that comfy! Plus last weekend we had a holiday drop in, and 16 kids fit in there!

also added a power conditioner for my av gear - https://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/products ... V/P-H15BLK

Lessons learned? for the projector mount location i went solely with projector central's throw calculator optimum throw distance for my projector. I now wish i mounted the projector a bit further back in the room, because when you walk across the riser to get to the far back seat, you need to duck or else you'll bump your head on the projector if you're over 5'11 tall.
i also wish i mounted my rear atmos speakers forward about a foot. I neglected to see how much i'd need to raise my rear surrounds to clear the backs of the rear seats, and with the riser, the surround speakers are only about 3-4' from the top rear atmos speakers.

regardless, I'm still REALLY happy with the end result. Everything looks and sounds great.

- mount my side surrounds (but i cant seem to find the brackets) - right now they're resting atop a pair of un-used towers.
- build some acoustic panels. i had them in my old place and they made the room sound so much more tight.
- install blackout blinds. during the day the 2 small windows let in enough light to make it a bit distracting.
-balance the subs based on this guide: https://www.pooraudiophile.com/2017/06/ ... 0-mrx.html
- calibrate the jvc x790 projector using jvc's autocal software: - https://www3.jvckenwood.com/english/dow ... ft-dl.html
-re-run anthem room correction
-figure out why my harmony elite remote refuses to turn off the projector as part of the shut down sequence (help button works every time)
- sell my pb12+, old denon receiver, and outlaw 7 channel amp.
- start a durham region home theatre crawl with repooc and any others that want to join!