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Residential phone line option? (no voip)

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  • Dec 28th, 2005 11:47 am
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Jul 27, 2005
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Ottawa, ON

Residential phone line option? (no voip)

Beside Bell and Rogers, are there other residential phone line options?

We don't need a lot of features, caller id is good but not necessary, and no voice mail is needed. We only want a lower cost phone line because we mostly use our voip.

The phone line is mainly for alarm monitoring and sending fax coz internet fax is kinda costly for local faxing.
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Nov 15, 2005
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ebizimage wrote:Beside Bell and Rogers, are there other residential phone line options?
Depends, is this for your home or garden? ;)
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Nov 28, 2004
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primus is a good option...before moving to windsor..i tried primus...the only problem was the initial setting up..ie transferring from bell...it took a while...see if primus has any online promotions like first month free..also u get airmiles points too...
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