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A Restaurant Sends You a $400 Bill From Two Years Ago -- Do You Pay?

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  • May 13th, 2012 6:00 am
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Jan 6, 2008
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A Restaurant Sends You a $400 Bill From Two Years Ago -- Do You Pay?

I was really interested in this question that a reader asked on Moneyville this week, so I put up a blog post with a poll. Basically, the reader got a letter from a restaurant claiming that when he had dined there two years ago, the credit card machine wasn't working and so, he was never charged for his meal -- and the bill was $400. Vote here and let us know what you would do!
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Sep 2, 2008
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Oh god, is RFD going to be resorting to "poll of the day" garbage now?
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Mar 19, 2006
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Hell no 2 years later.
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Oct 28, 2004
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2 years ago? Nah...that is way too long...

I can't even remember where I dined 2 months ago...let alone 2 years...

Reminds me of the time I purchased some Eurail passes from Flight Centre...totaled about $700-800...they didn't charge me until 8 months later....

I looked back at my statements and confirmed, yes they didn't charge me and also with the credit card company if it was right that they could wait 8 months later to charge me...also yes, I think they have up to a year to charge you...
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Mar 4, 2006
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But why did the restaurant have a copy of his driver's license? That doesn't seem quite right to me.
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Nov 23, 2005
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Personally, I wouldn't. To me, this looks bad on the restaurant as well to be coming after a customer 2 years later. They should take it as a lesson learned and drop it.
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Feb 26, 2008
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I had a store do this to me 1+ year later.
Working Person's store claimed they sent me my order of Wigwam socks without me paying and that they had a credit card issue w their site.

I'm pretty sure I did pay and it is not like I have my statement handy from 1 year and a half ago?
they could pay me to look it up through my credit card company.

Not a company I will be buying from again.
May 7, 2012
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I would NOT pay. They had a year to send the charges in. But what is odd about this is the customer gave them there drivers licence? Why? Something though is odd on that.

I had a clerk once who under charged me, by $21.00 take my credit card info, and rang in through without a signature, or my card, They used the store copy. Not only what she did was totally illegal, she used the wrong the expiry date, which caused the card to decline three times, after the fourth one, the card fraud software turned the card off.

AFter I got a call from BMO, I went back to store and found out what she did. It was totally illegal to charge someones card with out your approval. And I demanded a refund for the entire price, and gave back the jacket. and I contacted the store manager; who said "we under charged you, so we rang your card in"

That was not true, what you did is took my credit slip and manually enter it. SInce i had the card in my hand, and was miles away when this happened. That is why BMO called me, to say your card has been compromised. Be very careful and watch from fraud charges.
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Aug 20, 2005
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Two years is just too long. If they came to him as soon as they fixed their machine, he should have paid it. But they waited too long and lost their opportunity. If a cheque is stale dated after 6 months, a restaurant charge that was never processed should definitely be stale dated after 2 years.
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Mar 14, 2005
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City of Vancouver
Hmm, I had a Gap purchase that wasn't billed until something like 6 months later.
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