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Apr 2, 2006
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Hi has any one actually used this .$500 to make your paint look like new sounds sketchy.
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Mar 30, 2010
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Kagaaruk, NU
it's basically similar to opti-coat except that it doesn't provide any additional protection. all it's meant to do is fill in light scratches and swirls.
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Mar 25, 2005
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It's just a compound, Polish and seal that any detailer can do.
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Aug 22, 2011
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Paint correction, which takes a layer (or several) of the clearcoat to remove swirls and light scratches.
I had that done, plus opti-coat on my new SUV for about $700.
Aug 20, 2016
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Hello all,

I'd like to offer some clarity on this post. I am currently the area manager for RestorFX for Ontario and thought you would be interested to know what we really are.

RestorFX is not a wax or polish. It's a polymemetic technology that when professionally applied can permanently repair many issues with a vehicles paint surface. We do not strip or remove clear coat, we actually add a thicker layer that will offer a permanent solution to scratches hazing and swirling.

We are the only restoratative paint system available that also offers a lifetime guarantee against peeling, fading, or discouloring. After our finish is applied, it permanently bonds to your existing finish giving your car a lustre and gloss that is unachievable through regular detailing methods.

Since our product is so revolutionary it is very difficult to convey how spectacular the results are without seeing them for yourself.

To really understand I would recommend contacting your closest location and asking to see a vehicle before and after to see the results for yourself.

Hopefully I answered some of your questions. I hope you have the chance to see how it works for yourself. You will deffinately be amazed.
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Oct 26, 2008
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RestorFXGTA wrote:
Aug 21st, 2016 6:07 pm
.... RestorFX is not a wax or polish. It's a polymemetic technology that when professionally applied can permanently repair many issues with a vehicles paint surface.

.... To really understand I would recommend contacting your closest location and asking to see a vehicle before and after to see the results for yourself.
Polymimetic you mean? That's not a technology. It is just a process to make one thing mimic another. Such as making a degraded car paint finish look like new.

There are some knowledgeable people on this forum that will appreciate a more down-to-earth explanation of what your coating really is and why it appears to work so well.

We can appreciate that it doesn't remove any of the existing clearcoat, and that it is not technically a wax, but how is it really different from similar products past and present?

A "lifetime guarantee" has become a bit meaningless these days. More importantly, what is the science behind the coating that will make it as good in 10 years as it was the day it was applied?

Did it have its origins in Australia where paint finishes run the gauntlet of searing heat and blowing sand?

The videos emphasize treating badly neglected or damaged finishes. Is this its forte? Is it really a good idea on essentially good paint finishes?

What is the real reason that it has to be professionally applied? To meet the basic premise of the franchise model?
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Dec 28, 2007
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Nice sales pitch anyways. I'll stick with NuFinish applied once a year. Lol
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Apr 2, 2006
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my new to me car is 4 years old and has a lot of stone chips that the previous owner blobbed paint over and there are scratches and swirl marks.
I just want a reasonable solution .
Aug 20, 2016
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Thanks Macnut,

As a member of multiple forums, mainly automotive related, I know the knowledge and expertise offered through these groups is extensive. I definitely appreciate the fact that so many people do have a lot of knowledge to share. I will try and answer your questions the best I can.

the simplest way of explaining our product is to basically say, imagine being able to apply a new layer of clear over your whole vehicle with out the costs of a body shop and massive prep times. the coating we use self levels and creates a permanent bond between your existing clear coat and the new layer. Unlike products I have personally seen in the past, our product is not an wax like substance that is wiped off after application, If I were to only apply 1/2 of a car you can actually feel the difference of layers with RestorFX vs a non coated surface. We actually add up to 10 microns to the overall vehicle finish.

Our lifetime guarantee is for the lifetime the vehicle is owned by the person who has it done. The guarantee is against any failure of our product, not guarantee against future damage. In other words, if it peels, fades or yellows, we will repair the finish at no cost to the customer. This means unlike repaints that can eventually start to fade and peel, we can offer a guarantee that it will always be there. Once it has fully cured it can be treated as clear coat. It is able to be polished, waxed, and maintained as you would a normal car. How long the overall finish stays scratch free is up to the owner. much like a new car, if not properly washed and maintained, new marks will return in time.

The product was designed in Vancouver Canada and is currently in 50 countries world wide, including Australia, Dubai, Turkey, and India. We have had no issues with climates from anywhere in the world. Our Moscow location has no issues with the cold and Australia has no issues with their heat.

RestorFX is a restorative coating. It is not the ideal product for a brand new car or a mint condition collectors car. RestorFX is geared towards a market that is looking for a more economical alternative to painting or cut polishing but with a lasting result. We can permanently repair everything a cut polish can temporarily mask and because of the nature of the product some things polishing could never hide. Jim, it sounds like we may be an option for your vehicle. my recommendation would be to contact your closest location and have them see your car and explain exactly what to expect from the coating process and see if it meets your expectations. Our Licensees are experts on the product and will be able to clearly explain the results you should expect on your personal car.

RestorFX is never going to be an over the counter product for general retail use. The learning curve is extensive and training is on going. If I were to offer someone the product without training, they would run into a lot of issues and potentially ruin their cars finish. Our licensee go through a long training process with us hands on and on going training every year to ensure the highest quality.

jackrabbit, I never offered a sales pitch, just clarification on a new product. If you feel that it is not something you are interested in learning about, that absolutely fine with me, but no need to say such things. NuFinish is not a bad product but not ideal for climates like southern Ontario. The heat resistance is approximately 60 degrees so on a hot summer day the coating literally melts off. I personally preferred AutoGlym as my commercial wax of choice.

The bottom line guys, I am not here to fool or mislead you, just offer some information and say the industry has changed and we are willing to let you see it in person as well. 15 years ago the idea of an electric car driving 450km and 0-60 in under 4 seconds was insane thinking, so why should the only way to renew your paints finish be a system and process designed in the 70s? Technology changes and with our companies 15 years or research and testing we have changed things as well.

you are all welcome to contact me directly and I would be more than wiling to demonstrate our product for you. As I know this forum is well respected, I would like to be a transparent as I can possibly be.

Sep 18, 2019
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Hi Guys, I’d recommend, my 2007 Touareg now looks new born and not 12 yrs old. I’ll pots a
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