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Retail Space and Change of Use Permit

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  • Jan 13th, 2019 8:06 pm
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Oct 10, 2006
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Retail Space and Change of Use Permit

My wife is starting a salon business and found a great space that used to be a florist.

The city of Hamilton is requiring permit for change of use before issuing the business license.

Has anyone dealt with this? Any advice?

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Oct 7, 2017
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Hey Teek,
Change of use permit is a standard bureacratic procedure, typically used when building/occupancy used to be classified differently. For example, a day care operator (assemby occupancy- place where people gather) is moving into a place like a retail shop or plaza building. In this case drawing are required to be submitted to building department for change of use permit, which will incorporate evaluation of existing conditions and new donstruction of what is currently required by most up to date version of Provincial Building Code.

In your scenario, florist is a Mercantile Occupancy (group e), you are opening a salon which is I believe Business and Personal Services (group D) the requirements are not very different under the Ontario Building Code. May be new exit signs and emergency lighting units will be required. A few fire extinguishers. Possible minor hvac alteration. If your building is sprinklered or equipped with a fire alarm system, and you plan on doing interior alterations, addition or removal of walls, etc then you may need to change spacing of sprinkler heads to accomodate obstructions and to have proper spacing, or fire alarm system to have proper location of detection and actuation devices.

Yourbest bet is to go to the building department first, ask proper details of what is required tonswitvh from florist to barber. It may be so aimple you can handle on your own, or if more/major work would be innvolved(doesnt sound like it) hire an licenced architect or engineer and prepare proper permt submission. Make aure ro obtain multiple quotes, ask about turn around times.