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Returning to Work After EI Maternity/Parental Leave

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Jul 30, 2018
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Returning to Work After EI Maternity/Parental Leave

Hello all,

My baby is almost a year, meaning my parental pay is almost up, and I will be returning to work pretty soon. My question is regarding my last EI payment and returning to work. Since payments come out every other Tuesday, if I returned to work on the Sunday BEFORE my last payment, will I still get my last scheduled EI payment, or will Service Canada cut it off since I am technically “back to work”? I’m essentially trying to make sure that I get my mat pay all the way until the end of my scheduled payments, and am not left with a ‘gap’ of no income for multiple weeks. Is my best time to return to work right after my last scheduled payment, or can I return to work right before the payment?


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