RFD 5th Anniversary: Create & Win $1000 NCIX Wish List!

Locked: RFD 5th Anniversary: Dangaizer3's $1000 NCIX Wish List!

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Mar 19, 2003
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RFD 5th Anniversary: Dangaizer3's $1000 NCIX Wish List!

If i won a $1000 from [rfdlink=/forums/autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=28]NCIX[/rfdlink] I would wish for...

1) An ASUS A8N-VM/CSM mATX S939 GE6150+NF430 DDR PCI-EX16 SATA RAID Video Sound GBLAN 1394 Motherboard.
Great Board Cheap Cheap

Integrated Graphics, High Definition Audio, GB LAN, Support for SATA2 and the new AMD athlon 64 X2 series of CPUS, built on an NvidiaNF4 chipset for only $108.68 CAD!?!

2) A AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Processor S939 Venice 1.8GHZ 512K L2 Cache 90NM Retail Box.
Fast Stable Processing Power

This awesome 64bit computer chip is a great buy at $152.95 CAD!

3) A stick of Crucial Ballistix PC3200 512MB DDR400 Unbuffered Memory 184PIN DIMM CL2-2-2-6 64MBX64
Outstanding Memory

You would be crazy to not buy this ram from [rfdlink=/forums/autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=28]NCIX[/rfdlink] at the low price of $98.54 CAD! (or Scrooge)

4) A Samsung Spinpoint P Series 80GB SATA2 7200RPM 8MB 8.9MS FDB RoHS NCQ Hard Drive (with a 3 Year MFR Warranty) for under $80 CAD!
Can you say Fast and Quiet?

Yep, your not seeing things its only $77.49 CAD!!

I know this list is getting long... but with such cheap prices i might as well add more!!

5) A BenQ DW1640 DVD +RW 16X8X16 -RW 16X6X16 Dual Layer +R 8X -R 4X Beige IDE Retail Burner W/SW.
Can you believe its a Retail?!

What good are these computer parts if i cant install any software to run it, and a top rated DVD burner Retail version for only $57.84 CAD HA! you bet ill take one!

hmm... I guess I will need a case and power supply to put all this stuff in.

6) An Antec SLK2650-BQE Black Quiet MID-TOWER Case 4X5.25 2X3.5 2X3.5INT 350W.

This link says it all. At $95.66 CAD this is a steal! Just noticed you can save another 17.44% on this if you bundle it with other stuff... wow oh wow!!

7) A ZALMAN CNPS7700-ALCU LGA775 S462 S478 S754 S939 S940 ALUM-COPPER 1000-2000RPM 20-32DBA CPU HSF.
Got Heat?

With all the extra money i am saving, i am now able to add a CPU Heatsink Fan for $46.80 CAD to keep the processor nice and cool!!

Now all i really need is a Monitor if i can afford it. I think i can do it... a good monitor to match this awesome system.

8) A Philips Realflat 107T66 17IN 1280X1024 66HZ .21MM VGA Black CRT Monitor (with 4 Years Warranty)
A great quality monitor

A great 17inch monitor for $141.45 CAD thats black to match the case.

So... if my math is right, the total of my wishlist so far is $779.41 CAD. Wow i still have extra to spend after putting together a complete computer system running 512mb RAM, a AMD 64bit cpu and an awesome monitor! I think ill i have to go and wish for a tv-tuner card to turn this into a HTPC.

9) A Sapphire Theatrix Theatre 550 Pro Pci TV Tuner Card With Remote.
One of the best Tv Tuner Cards

Now ill be able to watch TV on my computer with this amazing card for only $99.96 CAD, and it even comes with a remote!

$779.41 + $99.96 = $879.37 CAD

A Computer Package with Monitor plus extras and i still have some money left over... guess maybe ill upgrade the High Definition onboard audio for a 7.1 HD surround sound card seeing as how its so darn cheap!!


This THX certified Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS delivers 24-bit ADVANCED HD audio, 108dB SNR clarity across 8 channels, and is the only available PC platform to deliver Advanced Resolution 24-bit DVD-Audio playback in 24-bit/192kHz stereo and 24-bit/96kHz 5.1 surround and is only $110.63 CAD!!

Even with this awesome sound card from CREATIVE added on the total is still only $990CAD! What can i do but try to wish for more stuff?? I know TEN dollars isnt that much.. but at [rfdlink=/forums/autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=28]NCIX[/rfdlink] i know ill be able to find something for sure because they always have great low prices on all sorts of things!!

And so my last thing to wish for is...

11) A SONY Black 1.44MB 3.5IN FLOPPY DRIVE.
You just never know

Yea i know these days noone really needs a floppy. But seeing as how I still have $10 to spare and this SONY 3.5inch FLoppy drive is only $9.75 CAD I might as well have it just in case.

Because you just never know when that retail box you buy will come with an installation disk that is on a good'ol 3.5inch floppy. Then where would you be without this blast from the past?!?!
(its black too, to match everything else, w00t!)


Motherboard $108.68 +
CPU $152.95 +
RAM $98.54 +
HDD $77.49 +
DVDRW $57.84 +
CASE&PSU $95.66 +
CPU Cooler $46.80 +
Monitor $141.45 +
TvTuner Card $99.96 +
7.1 Surround sound card $110.63 +
A floppy drive $9.75 = $999.75 CAD

A Grrrreat computer plus tons of extras for under $1000 CAD and i still have a quarter to make a phone call!! ;)

[rfdlink=/forums/autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=28]NCIX[/rfdlink] ROX!!

Thanks RFD and [rfdlink=/forums/autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=28]NCIX[/rfdlink] for giving me the chance to take part in the contest and for reading my wishlist.


edit: My math sucks and so is my grammar :confused: