RFD a UK trip for next summer

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  • Sep 15th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Sep 14, 2010
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thanks alot for the detailed repsonse Mikey
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Jun 4, 2017
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Try and order some pounds ££ before you travel and carry credit card in case. If you were to visit London you can grab a cheap train ticket which goes straight into the city. You can go on the London eye (Ferris wheel) take a boat on the Thames. Etc. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS USE CREDIT CARD JUST IN CASE (that's what i did on my trip) 100£ is almost $200 CAD. So try and order cash from your bank before you leave. The international charges on the credit card is insanely high. Safe Travels!
Jul 15, 2003
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If you are worried about cash and exchange fees, check with your bank to see what partnerships they have with UK and Europe banks, as I found that Scotiabank has some in place and that you can just take local currency out of their ATM with no additional charge other than the exchange rate.

Since you are traveling with a family, check out flipkey for London apartments for short term rentals. I did this the last time and found that for the same price as a very small hotel room I could get a small studio apartment complete with a kitchen.

Getting around London is easy via the tubes. Check out the oyster visitor card, it might make things easier for you.

If you are thinking of using your smartphone over there. Check out giffgaff.
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Sep 14, 2010
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exchanged 800 pounds for $1357 with TD.
it's a bit more pricey by 2x dollars as compared to other forex places in DT but i did it with TD so i don't get bills that are no longer in circulation such as the 5-pound bill.
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Jun 29, 2010
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Jagmin wrote:
Sep 12th, 2017 11:47 pm
The international charges on the credit card is insanely high.
I just bought something from the UK yesterday, using my Chase Visa - the exchange rate was 1.619820533. Chase doesn't charge Forex fees, it's a fantastic card to travel with, the exchange rate has ALWAYS been better than getting USD, GBP and EUR at the bank - and I even have a special bank rate because I have one of those expensive all inclusive accounts.

£800 would be CAD1295 at that rate.
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Feb 4, 2015
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Canada, Eh!!
Great tips and info everyone!!

Last UK trip did use tube [Mind the gap!!] and agree excellent way to travel to the city.

Hoping BIL will plan some driving excursions up north as he has mentioned they traveled to Scotland few years back with some overnight stops along the way.