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Didn't say much except they had offered 10% originally and I asked to speak to a manager. When he came on the phone, asked me if I was happy with my services and I told him I would be happier if I get a deal, I have been a long time customer blah blah blah. Put me on hold for a bit, came back and said that he can renew my current promo which was 25% off already and I said great...Thanks...talk to you in two years. I did call rogers several times to ensure the promo was correct and applied.
Did the same route as you Shenzi, told them all my friends were getting 25% off, and the best they could offer me was 10% even with me having 3 services and with them for over 10 years. I was done trying to beg for credits and told them to cancel it all. They talked to their manager and was able to give me 25% off which I had for the longest time. Now I need to see if everything was applied correctly....sad thing is I am not counting on it.