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Got an offer today to switch from the W45 to the Internet 30 in order to save $10 a month from my current rate. It would be "price protected" for 2 years, but no contract. If I keep W45, my overall bill goes up $5 a month with their current offer on my cable (digital plus, 3.0, etc.)

Just wanted to get peoples take on switching from the W45? I'm hesitant in case prices eventually go up. Speed appears less in Internet 30, and the bandwidth is half (100gb vs 200gb). Most i've used is 160GB, but in the last 6 months i've never used more than 75.
IMO, don't switch. People these days who are jumping ship from the 8 year promos (W45/W35) are generally moving to FASTER speeds (Ignite 100 or 250) and/or the addition of unlimited bandwidth because of higher usage (both Ignite 100 and 250 are unlimited).

Of course that plan would be cheaper, it is slower AND has less bandwidth!
Prices WILL go up every year until your 8 year promo expires (give or take 2022/2023) - that's a LONG time to have consistent pricing with your W45 promo.
At your current usage, you should be covered with 200GB for a while (keep in mind, if you start streaming at all, you will likely blow through this).

If you switch to Internet 30, you are teetering near the upper limit of your bandwidth usage already. And FYI, the max cap Rogers can charge for overage was raised to $150/m from $100.
And overage fees are VERY EXPENSIVE, and 1 bad month could essentially wipe any "savings" from getting an internet plan with 100 less GB.

My $0.02