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Rogers clients BEWARE (roaming)

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Jun 13, 2013
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Rogers clients BEWARE (roaming)

The worse and the worst.

This story started a few years ago. I was keep getting billed for Data roaming charges. The bill JUST for data roaming was $300, $400, $500, $600. I don’t spend a lot of time in Canada so I rarely check the bills. I work in Latvia so I have a local phone there and keep the Canadian phone just to make calls to friends and family. Recently I started to spend more time in Canada and I opened one of my bills and it said $800 for Data roaming. I was surprised because I had my Data plan on which I purchase all the time for around $100 (unfortunately Latvia does not have a Roam Like Home option). I thought that I made a mistake and covered the bill. Btw there was no txt or email that I am getting charged such an amount money for roaming. Next time I travelled to Latvia I turned my data roaming off. To my surprise I got another bill for $800 for if I am not mistaken 10-15mb of data. I called the president’s office to figure out what’s going on. They advised me to turn my phone off because as per Rogers employees’ comments if you turn data roaming OFF on the phone its still uses it, and it costs 12 EUR for unlimited data in Latvia I tried to explain that I don’t need Canadian data there. At the end they gave me a discount of some sort. Recently I got another bill for $2000 for Data roaming. I’m not a bloody idiot to use the data when I have unlimited data for 30 EUR locally, and did not use Canadian data there. The solution that I have been given is to turn the phone off when I go to Latvia and pay the bill.

Dear Rogers. My family came to Canada in 2007 since then I got 2 properties fully with your service and 5-6 cellphones lines. Just my monthly average cell phone bills get to $500-$600 and I am ok with that. However, when you bluntly trying to brush off the client when this issue is happening is absolutely absurd. I would escalate this manner to CRTC. I am not sure if its Rogers’ fault that I keep getting billed or Latvian telecommunications company but I am a ROGERS client. The fact that I get a $2,000 Data roaming surprise without any notice is ridiculous.


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Just delete the APN settings. Obviously you are doing something wrong if the data is still being charged
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They cap your data and roaming overcharges to $100 so obviously you accepted to go over. Not sure what you really want to do. If this keeps happening and you're unhappy about, I'm so surprised you're still with Rogers.
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I'm guessing there's quite a bit more we aren't being told. First of all, bomber17 is absolutely right - based on what has been stated, the fact you are still with Rogers after several years of this is insane, but let's go further just for fun.

- Must be a business plan as those don't get the roaming overage warnings IIRC. If not, you'd think the reps would have made absolutely sure to confirm roaming notifications were enabled and the customer wasn't authorizing additional charges.

- If data roaming is not specifically enabled, IT WON'T WORK! Once your phone is roaming it won't use data unless that toggle is specifically enabled. Apps can't override that setting!

- You mentioned being charged $800 for 10-15MB of data? No way! Check what your bill says, but I guarantee you it was a lot more data you used (maybe in the background - which can easily happen with data roaming enabled). The actual roaming rate without a travel package is $9.99 for 20MB data per day. (Source: https://www.rogers.com/cms/rogers/page- ... ap-en.html)

I know there have been stories of people getting charged outrageous roaming rates, but there's just so much that doesn't add up here. Are others on your account roaming in places as well? Is your home in Canada near the US border and one of the phones is locking on to a US cell tower with data roaming on?


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