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[Rogers] Rogers Wireless Retention Plans

Oct 10, 2014
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frugal_fashionista wrote: I’m so infuriated with Rogers. I originally had the $65/10gb plan + bonus 3gb but called Friday to renegotiate as I was just averaging only 4–6gb monthly usage.

I was offered $45 - 5 gb plan, unlimited talk and text and bonus 1.5gb data. I was happy with the offer and took it. Only to find out tonight via email that I’m being charged an additional $20 for the 1.5gb data top up. I call retentions and am informed that the 1.5gb was applied as an additional top up to my plan. The best they can offer is crediting me $20 (for the charge) but state they state they cannot honour the 1.5gb data, and only the $45 -5gb plan.

Do I keep calling retentions or should I just escalate this to management office? Any advice would be great.

$45 for 5 gb? Where are you located please?
Oct 10, 2014
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jackfree wrote: no contract or Tab - 2 year term deal - Retention supervisor gave me:
$33.75 plus HST
Includes: 2GB Data
Canada wide 500min Daytime(LOL, I rarely talk to people) and 6pm/unlimited weekends.
Unlimited premium text/pictures/videos plus voice mail/ID/FW

I thought it was pretty good it is a dollar cheaper than I had for 10 years but, trade off data instead of unlimited daytime minutes.
(I never had data and I can get them to give me extra minutes for free for a few months)
Looking for this as I rarely use data. Whereabouts are you located?
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Aug 20, 2012
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gotrice wrote: Anyone paying for the "value pack" still? I'm paying a extra 7$ for a month but apparently you can't even get these anymore... Should I cancel it, also my contract is up... Currently paying 95$ for 5 gigs.
That depends on you... do you USE the services offered in the $7 pack? If not, cut it. You dont need it at all if majority of your calls and data use are in canada.

- do you receive a ton of voice mails? No?? Cut it. The pack allows VM and voice to text translation. But if you receive 2-3 vm's a day, dont need it. The standard click and enter password to check vm is good enuff. Half the time the voice/text translation is crappy if the caller doesnt speak in clear english tone aka an accent or broken english.

- do you make a lot of overseas calling, texting, video messaging? No?? Cut it. You can get the LD add-on for a mere $1 via retentions. This gives you special rates dialing outside of canada. ie. 2 cents US, 3 cents HK, 2 cents china, etc. The break-even for the same regular price add-on is $5. OR if you dial to US that's 250 min calling or to HK that's 167 min calling. Well worth it for a buck. Besides, every1 knows you use wechat, whatsapp, facetime, skype etc., for calling/pics/video chatting overseas anyway.

These 2 factors made me let it go. Ends up costing you an extra $84 + tx a year. Not worth it imo.
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Oct 26, 2006
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mwinnie wrote: Looking for this as I rarely use data. Whereabouts are you located?
Toronto - had to call a couple of times and the Retention Supervisor helped apply the plan.
Apr 16, 2019
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Well my plan with retention is

30GB on premium tab for $135-25%. And my second line is $55 -25%.

So when people are paying 125$ per month for 15gb it is not a good deal. You guys need to really be hard on the people at retentions so you get a good deal. Also got an iPhone XS Max for free when I upgraded In November. Good luck to you guys. And hope you get good deals.
Dec 15, 2018
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How long do I need to be a Rogers customer before getting a deal from retention?
Oct 16, 2010
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Luxfer wrote: No My recent account was personal.

So Here is the situation so far. I believe they offered me a deal that does not exist in Ontario. They said my SIM Card has been delayed and the account wont be active until I activate a SIM card. I spoke to Rogers and they told me to go to the Rogers Store to get a SIM card so they can Activate the account. Went to the Rogers Store and the employee couldnt activate the account. He told me to call Rogers to try to activate it.

Called Rogers, Cant activate it, transferred to Internal person. apologize to me and said only thing they can do is get Rogers Ambassador to called me back by this morning.
Still no call back. I left a voice mail to the Ambassador Team. What should I do next?

Would you mind providing the Ambassador Team contact number, I have also recently left Rogers for Freedom.
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Nov 24, 2017
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Whats Freedom like?

Is that the old WindMobile, renamed?

Freedom Big Gig + Talk 5GB
8GB (5GB + 3GB bonus data✤)

Unlimited Canada-wide calling

Unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging

(5GB + 3GB bonus data✤)
with Digital Discount*

Regular Price: $55/mo.
Bring Your Own Phone: Save $10/mo. for 12 months∇ when you activate a new line. In-store only. Offer ends soon.
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Mar 10, 2009
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SB4Deals wrote: Whats Freedom like?

Is that the old WindMobile, renamed?

Freedom Mobile is previously Wind Mobile.

In my opinion with Freedom Mobile is that thay have improved greatly compare to when they were Wind Mobile but still not as great as Rogers for example, especially if you travel alot out of the city.
Sep 18, 2017
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Just an update. The 50 dollars for 13gb from Rogers win back is real. My account finally activate today.
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Aug 20, 2012
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Luxfer wrote: Just an update. The 50 dollars for 13gb from Rogers win back is real. My account finally activate today.
If you use it it's good... but if you dont just for bragging rights it's BS. But at $50, it's a steal - for canada. Now winbacks wants to see you've completely ported over rather than just a cancellation. And there's that 5% of customers who port over and never get a call which sucks.
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Oct 10, 2014
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Last Thursday she bit the bullet and ported her mobile # to Koodo. Best buy surprisingly was able to offer the best BYOD deal at 3gb data, talk & text unlimited Canada wide for $44.99 (post paid). Even better, she can get a monthly credit back to her balance just by setting up and continuing automatic payment authorization. This is definitely not available at Rogers - I asked. The only caveat was koodo's $35 transfer fee for the new service. I thought it used to be lower or even waived for porting new customers. Anyhow, Rogers and koodo made the best buy agent work fairly hard to smooth everything out before my mom left the store but the Koodo line has been working well for my mom since that day.

We were moments away from switching to Virgin for their limited time deal plan with the same features, I think it was only 2gb tbough and it was a prepaid.

I reached out to both Koodo and virgin twice and they never gave me those deals. So, I've learned alot in the last 3 weeks. A) best deals customers are found at Best Buy, Costco mobility, Door to door Rogers & bell reps and
buried deep somewhere in small print on a random virgin mobile web page beyond the scope of even a phone sales Rep.

And I've also learned that B) based on several discussions with Rogers customer service, their tech support, their hardware servicing technicians, their in-store representatives their retention & their "win back" team is that they are INDEED robbers and it is an open secret that loyal customers have to fight, plead, beg & grovel & cancel before they can get Robbers to budge even a little on billing and provide real savings to those who need it. I'm not talking about getting freebies or short term discounts on the newest & shiniest products or services on the market. I'm talking about basic landline, internet and tv for middle income seniors who have been with Rogers for 25 years+.

Rogers was going to milk my mom for everything she had and she was gonna keep taking it because she thought having all the services on one bill was the easiest route. She was extremely reluctant to the idea of using different companies for different services. But now she sees the light. Thank goodness. And I don't even think Rogers can offer her anything to win her back as a mobile customer ("too little too late") and she's more than ready to move over all the rest of the bundle pack.

We're going with carrytel internet ( approx $39/mth regular price for 75 Mbps internet) for + their VoIP landline service $4.99/mth (considering buying our own VoIP phone and using, Think Protection security systems approx. $21/mth (amazing promos going on for camera and private guard, phenomenal customer care & excellent home star reviews) and as for TV, well it looks like she's coming around nicely to the streaming culture so the final hurdle of cord cutting is nearly over.

RFG forums has helped me alot this year so I wanted to share honest feedback about what we've been through with Rogers wireless retention etc. We did the research, followed up, asked questions and finally found what we were looking for. The biggest shock was finding out what we WEREN'T getting for the money spent so it has been a true eye opener all around.

Rogers dug their own grave by sending out technicians that admittedly wasted half our day, "quietly" bumping up both internet & TV service rates by $3 and dropping off $20 discounts here and there, allowing my mother to fend for herself the last few months regarding a defective sensor monitor for the alarm (thanks!) and telling her to go pay for a battery at the apple store instead of offering any possible upgrades. Worst of all, she's been talking about canceling landline for over a year but they always threaten that the rest of her bill will hike up because she'll lose out on bundle savings. If she asked to downgrade services, again they threatened to drop bundle discounts and hike up the fees. Service reps at a very low traffic Ottawa Rogers store didn't even try to sit down and chat with her when she brought in a dying cable box - no discount for returning the box, no "I'm sorry to see you go" when she said that she wanted to unlock her phone and switch to virgin mobile...nothing from them. Just told her to call tech support. They shuffled us around to keep us from getting it unlocked and then we were sent 2 of the sleaziest "win back" Rogers reps I've ever heard. The first one repeatedly referred to my mother as a "lead" and when I informed him that she is a human customer, not a lead, instead of understanding how insensitive that language could be interpreted as he chose to educate me on the definition of leads and the process of sales and business (shaking my head). The 2nd guy was a monotone voiced corportate lawyer wannabe who attempted to railroad and fear monger my mother into staying with Rogers by bashing the other companies and alerting her saying that her phone battery is crap anyway so she should wait until she goes to apple and then they can talk about MAYBE offering her a $55 plan after the Easter holiday. I had to intervene during his BS shpiel and tell my mom that she needed confirmation of this new deal to which he babbled on"but you see, there are all these stipulations and the issue is and dadada you do not own the phone you must pay $22.72 ("ok, let's do that now!") yes but it is not so simple you see, in regards, ma'am... At this moment.. we cannot.. I guarantee you that company will rip you off... its best to wait... Mmmmwe can'tgiveyouthisdealtoday BUT BUT BUT..." He was ruthless - nearly bringing my mom to tears with stress and worry. Before ending the call I made sure to get his information & ticket #. Not that it matters because no one at Rogers really cares nor have they reached out since Thursday except for a generic email suggesting they might be calling one day in the future.

25 years a loyal customer who always paid on time (never more than a few days late) and this is the red carpet treatment for her I guess?!

Counting the days til they go away. Good riddance!
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Aug 5, 2006
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If there is ANYONE who works at Rogers, please PM me.
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Apr 22, 2017
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So here's what I am being offered -- from what I've researched/read this isn't a half-bad deal, but figured I would check here before signing the contract:

Manitoba Pricing:
Samsung s10e - $199 up-front on the Premium Tab
Unlimited local calling with 12gb (6+6) of data -- $60/month (after 20% corp discount)
$200 port-in credit (coming from BellMts)
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