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[Royal Bank] RBC IPad offer is back - 2019 (Royal Bank)

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  • Sep 5th, 2019 4:24 pm
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Sep 2, 2014
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Richmond Hill, ON
I'm going to get this deal as I need a RBC checking account for some reason.

Some questions:
1. Is montly CCB (Canada Child Benefit ) from CRA qualified for the direct deposit?
2. for the qualifying conditions 3, do we need to do it repeatedly (monthly) or just once?
3. If I don't have mortgage at RBC, can I get multi-product rebate for Signature No Limit account? I have a RBC Credit Card and will open a TFSA account if I can get multi-product rebate.

Thank you!

Jit0103 wrote:
May 21st, 2019 8:07 pm
Was listening radio and heard about this offer.

RBC is offering Free IPad (32GB) - 2018 model worth $429.00, when you open new personal account with them.
You can choose one of the given 3 models when you meet 2 out of 3 conditions just like previous year
(Colors: Space Gray / Silver / Gold)

Eligible Account options:
1) RBC Signature No Limit Banking® (monthly fee of $15.95)
2) RBC VIP Banking® (monthly fee of $30)

Promotion Period:
Start : May 21, 2019
End: Sep 3, 2019

Highlights of account terms:
* Your account must remain open with them until September 30, 2020
* You must enroll "Online Banking service" after opening account.
* 2 out of 3 condition must meet to become eligible for IPad (Note: These condition must fulfilled every month until 30 Sep, 2020 or they will charge you)
* Offer not applicable if you are existing customer of RBC
* Offer not applicable if you received any offer on "Personal account" 5 year period before this promotional start date.
(If you receive IPad or any other cashback offer from previous year do not apply, instead you can apply for your family members account to receive IPad)

Conditions to meet for qualifying for IPad by November 29 2019 :
1) Direct deposit (Payroll, Pension etc..)
2) Two Pre authorized payments to service providers (Utilities bills like phone, gym, hydro, internet etc..)
3) Two Pre authorized payments to service providers (Utilities bills like phone, gym, hydro, internet etc..) from Online/Mobile banking

For more details you can read this fine print from RBC:
Offer Terms
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Apr 30, 2005
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RBC is probably the worst, when it comes to "deals".
Nov 26, 2013
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So I did two paps from tangerine to rbc which posted august 30th but I didn't receive the order e-mail yet or a message in RBC message center, can it take longer than 2 business days? Although I don't know if it's been 48hours exactly since the pap's posted in my RBC account.
Nov 26, 2013
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ok so I misread the conditions, they are not like the 2018 offer, it's 2 pre authorize payments and 2 payments to a service provider so 4 actions in total if you don't deposit your payroll. I thought it was only 2 pre authorize payments like the 2018 deal.


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