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Rural Ontario Internet Hubs, pricing and options?

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  • Mar 21st, 2017 12:24 pm
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Nov 26, 2008
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Rural Ontario Internet Hubs, pricing and options?

Since the Robellus pages for selling hubs are quite unclear and misleading re contracts, device subsidies, per use pricing, I thought I'd just see if anyone else would share their experience with these services.

A peer indicated they turned it off during the winter when they weren't there but the Robellus pages don't seem to indicate that as a possibility. Looks like you just get to pay the 0-5gb usage fee of 60/mth during the months of your 3 year term that you didn't use it? Im betting this person is just rich and considers 60/mth instead of 90 to be a fair break..

Are there seasonal options? Maybe if you have your own hub hardware? Don't want to have this service 12mths a year and it seems very expensive and unlikely the cell cartel would allow this. Elderly parents would just like to be able to watch some netflix up north a few months year.

i saw posts that telus in AB and BC had some reasonable offers that didn't require contract but i guess there is nothing like that here?
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Mar 15, 2017
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I have the Rogers hotspot, it's not ideal but there are not many options for someone who uses 100GB regularly. Roger actually has two plans, the lesser plan is $10 / month if not really used, but only allows for a max of 10GB/ month at $85/ month. So I wonder if they can switch between the plans between seasons?

Actually there's no contract for me. Maybe the 3 years refers to leasing the rocket hub? I can cancel anytime and pay the remaining lease term of the hub. I think they should be able to cancel it all together during the months they don't need it.

I'm also on the look out for options. If anyone know a plan that is bigger than 100GB let me know.