Salaried employees, do you get overtime pay?

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Sep 26, 2007
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Salaried employees, do you get overtime pay?

I know there is a thread already on this, but i have a serious issue that i want to address.

My company is a multibillion multinational giant, in my department, there are times when people work until 1am-2am for a week straight, with coming in on Saturday/Sunday as well once a month. Essentially, there is a week where you are putting in 100hrs once a month.

Now the work doesn't have to be condensed to this point, however our managers look good to the CEO for being able to do something that took let's say 7 days before, in 2 days now.

From the beginning of our department (a few years back) efficiency has dramatically improved, from 7 days to 3 days, however it's tapered off now as it's very difficult to show more improvement results unless you have people working from 8am until 2am. This way what we did in 3 days can now be done in 2 for example.

Back to the point, the people putting in these hours aren't getting overtime and are paid as everyone else in the department, are companies with salaried employees obliged to pay overtime, how does it work, and what can be done?
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Jan 2, 2007
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You guys have a Union?
If so look in the book/contact a rep, if not, look at the agreement you signed for your job.

I know personally, im Salaried, and if i work overtime, or work on a holiday i get double time. This is in my agreement with the union however.

So if i were you, thats where id start....
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Jun 19, 2006
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The whole point of 'salary' is that you aren't 'on the clock' per se. There will be some days when you work overtime, and there will be other days when you get to go home early, or get to spend the day reviewing RFD threads.

If you are constantly working long days and aren't being compensated fairly through salary and bonus, then you need to bring this up in your compensation review.

Trust me, nobody gets ahead in the corporate world by counting hours of work.
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Dec 31, 2005
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...Field Service in our group gets a fixed rate overtime for calls in the evening or on the weekend. Now, they are more closely regulated during the day. If I am sick, or want to work from home, I get that flexibility. They don't.
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May 3, 2006
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Mar 8, 2002
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In Ontario, the employment standards act (ESA) dictates who gets overtime pay and who doesn't. It's summarized in the table on this page: ... vered.html

For example, I am a technologist and work for an engineering firm. I get salary plus overtime. On the other hand, licensed professional engineers that work for this same engineering firm get salary but no overtime, in accordance with the Ontario ESA. To compensate, they are eligible for the company bonus pool, while I am not, which is something that the company decides to do on it's own without being forced to do so by legislation.
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Oct 15, 2007
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if you are not happy with the long new employment
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Jun 14, 2003
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Officially, I don't get overtime pay. Unofficially, I get day off.
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Jun 15, 2007
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Overtime for salaried employees still applies. Good luck getting it. If you trust your HR department, call them and inquire, but don't expect to be moving ahead anytime in the future if you complain about the hours. I am not defending your company, just giving some advice.

Judging by the amount of time you are working, I would seek new employment.
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Apr 6, 2003
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No. Though I'm theortically supposed to get time off in leiu.

Never really happens, I have to start tracking that.

Today for example I've been on my blackberry for like 2 hours because some systems broke at work...wonder what I should count that as? I had to cancel a visit to my parents in another province because of this.

Being on call really sucks, I think they should get compensating as much as OT. Something like 3 hours if they call me for even 10 minutes.
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Apr 14, 2005
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hmmm.. IBM? :)

At my workplace salaried professionals were not eligible for OT pay with the exception of field work - of which I do a lot (i.e. sometimes a mine-site where the expectation is 12hr/day 7 days/week). OT paid at 1.5x to boot (could optionally take the time off in lieu too).

A policy change a year ago took that away though. Now I get straight time (not 1.5x) as time in lieu with no possibility of being paid for OT work done in the field. Now, this was effectively a pay cut for me, so I was able to present a good case for a salary increase and was able to turn a negative policy change into something positive for myself. My understanding was that the later policy was more consistent with other companies... i.e. salaried professionals generally don't get OT pay.

At all times, OT in the office was without a doubt a donation.

If you have the option between pay and time in lieu, something to consider is that if you take time off it is 100% yours but if you take pay, the government takes a hefty chunk of it for themselves. :)
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Oct 16, 2004
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Sounds like software development, and there is no union. > :( I would find a new job ASAP. Heck, I would try to start a riot in the department if faced with that much work with no compensation.

How about sending an anonymous email to everyone in the department and bringing up the issue.
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Oct 2, 2006
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No overtime pay here as well although we can "unofficially" record our overtime and take days off if we want to. The last big project I worked at, I worked overtime pretty much everyday until around 7PM and once the project was done, my boss allowed me to take 2 months off paid vacation.
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Sep 1, 2005
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I worked for an EPC where time was logged and billed so with overtime my time was billed to projects so any overtime was billed to the customer as such and I was paid 1.5x for those hours. Pre-approval was required by the project over X hr/week but was rarely a problem. The problem was when things where slow you still had to bill hours so you couldn't really just take an afternoon off despite you had nothing to do. The accounting for hours turns what should be a salary position into an hourly one, just with a different dress code.

On the other side, I now work as salary and when things are busy I'm expected to get them done, if not its no big deal if I take extra long weekends, afternoons off, sleep in, ect. Even if things are busy expectations are always within reason, if I choose to stay till the wee hours getting something done its my choice, if I go home and do it in the morning my boss understands, although the customer isn't as understanding all the time.

If your not being compensated fairly for your time/efforts then find another job that will.
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Mar 31, 2003
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No O/T for me. They tell me it's why I make the big bucks.

I work between 45-60 hours a week.

At the lowest level salaried positions people are encouraged to not work too much OT, and to take the odd day off in lieu.


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