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Satellite Radio Parts and Accessories

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Apr 7, 2008
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Satellite Radio Parts and Accessories

Those familiar with satellite radio may have seen ads for TSS Radio from the U.S. They have Those started shipping from Canada (Oakville?) so Canadian customers don't have to pay import duties, just GST (and PST in Ontario).

One example, they sell the Sirius Soloist Universal Sound System for USD $67.99 .
Sirius Canada lists the same system for Can $169.99 on their website.

I placed and received my first order from their Canadian page in less than a week. They shipped the order FedEx.

To see their Canadian products page visit tss-radio.com/products_canada.php .

They also sponsor Digital Radio Central, a satellite radio community site with customer feedback about TSS Radio.
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Jan 6, 2005
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Not sure, but I smell self promotion, spam!
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Jul 25, 2006
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Actually, the prices are very good. Even if this is self-promotion, that place stocks some items I have been looking for forever and haven't been able to find a decent price. Namely the Stiletto leather case and the Sirius Dot Antenna. Both are priced at about 1/3 of what they are at some local retailers.