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*Scam* Ontario Duct Cleaning

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  • Jul 8th, 2017 6:54 pm
Jul 7, 2017
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*Scam* Ontario Duct Cleaning

Hi everyone,

I just want to warn everyone about the duct cleaning scam going on with “Ontario Duct Cleaners”. This company posts their advertisement with a very attractive rate( for me they quoted $100 including the dryer vent) now once the technician arrives at home they immediately start the work, so that you are unable to send them back.
Now the scam starts, they will show you some really dirty vent and say there is a mold or dirt build up and the standard questions are
- Have you had a renovation done recently?
- Did you buy the house recently? Seems the previous owner did you get it cleaned
- If you say it is a new house, they will say your builder did not do a good job of cleaning the vents

Now they will say the standard cleaning will not resolve this issue and you need to get the “brushing” done which costs additional $400. If they spot a child or elderly in house, they go on scaring you about the potential diseases lurking in the house if it is not done. Later they will pretend to give a discount of $100-$150.
Now if you decide not to go ahead, they will say oh we have already started the cleaning, so the dust will settle near the main infold of system and may get into your furnace and damage it. So you don’t want to risk your $5000 furnace for $400, do you?
Also if you get the duct cleaning done today, if you do brushing in future, you again have to get the cleaning done.
Hence I was folded into the scam and ended up paying around $375, now I had a friend referred for same service, they go to his house and he gets his cleaning done regularly every 2 years. They sing the same story to him (he has 2 kids and 1 elderly in house).
That’s when we realized they are just scamming people into paying this much, they will pretend to give discount by accepting money in CASH only so there is no paper trail, they will call you from UNKNOWN number .
Finally when I report this to the number through which I did the booking, he disconnects his number within 1 hours (must be a prepaid)
So as my fellow redflag dealer, please please be very careful with this company, DON’T let them come inside the house.
Booking Number (now disconnected) – 647 493 8151