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Search highlights persisting?

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  • May 31st, 2012 8:49 am
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Oct 30, 2006
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Search highlights persisting?

I notice that if I view a thread, the word "Mobilicity" will be highlighted. It's not a link or anything.

I know that if I do a search, the search term will be highlighted in the relevant post. This is displayed in the URL.

The last search I did was more "Mobilicity" but that was days ago, yet the word is still highlighted with no change to the URL.

Is this a cookie issue or a bug? Thanks.

EDIT: naturally the words in this post are highlighted too. ;)
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May 31, 2006
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It's a bug that's been happening for a long time!

I've been able to ignore it, but since I do searches infrequently, I'm amused by the yellow highlighting popping up days or weeks later in unexpected threads. :lol: