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Jun 10, 2005
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Seat Belt Wrinkles

I don't wear skin tight shirts, and I typically don't tuck them in. The problem is whenever I get in my car and put on my seatbelt, it folds my shirt. No matter how much I try to fan it out at the bottom, it ruffles due to the seat belt. Whenever I get out of my car, it always looks like I didn't iron my shirt (or at least the bottom half) because of the folds caused by my seat belt. In the past, I've solved this issue temporarily by pulling my shirt over the bottom seatbelt so that it rests against my pant line. This however is sometimes uncomfortable as it rides up into your stomach area. This solution is also only a halfway fix, as it still wrinkles my shirt, just less.

Anyone else have this issue?

Anyone solved this issue?
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Jan 13, 2004
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Solution? Don't iron shirts.
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Mar 22, 2006
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If it's a business setting and you require a freshly pressed shirt, then I suggest not wearing the shirt until you get to work. That way you won't have to fuss about it in the car.

Otherwise, don't even worry about it at all.