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Sectional Set - Wholesale Furniture Brokers??

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  • Nov 6th, 2016 6:39 pm
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Sep 8, 2009
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damn I was looking at this sofa at the brick i think and this a much better price. I didn't want to make a choice until end of february.

Does anyone know if they have a lot of sales like this?
Sep 5, 2010
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Do not buy WFB. I order a sectional June 12th they told me it was backorder until Mid July, come mid july I contact them and now it is the beginning of August, they then billed me for the remaining amount and I still had no idea when I was going to receive my furniture of which I then didn't get until Aug 27th and had to fight the moving company they use as they apparently have three weeks from the time they receive it to deliver it??? Once they had my money I send emails about my issue to the apparent customer service supervisor who just didn't bother to respond. On top of the the couch is garbage, it is made with some press board and 1x2 and was cracked and a piece of the wood that supports the couch was broken so they threw some staples in it! And they will not refund you, well they will but only 1 3rd of the price!! Do not order anything from this company!
jtplayte wrote:
Feb 1st, 2010 7:23 pm
Hi All,

Looking for some new living room furniture. Read all the time to stay away from the Brick, Leons etc.
Wholesale Furniture Brokers are having a sale with FREE shipping, just not sure if the furniture is junk or not? Price is warm/hot, any experience out there?? ... s_id=27461
Feb 3, 2011
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Red Deer
Found their website a few months ago. Good looking furniture and lots of good customer reviews on the site. Ordered a platform bed to see how it went before ordering more. Good thing just ordered 1 item!

After sitting for weeks in terminals in California and British Columbia, it was finally delivered - 3 months later.

I'd forgotten what it looked like! Anyway, made the delivery guys wait while I checked out the condition. Bed just didn't seem right. There were drawers with it. Accepted the shipment and moved stuff including queen box spring and mattress to assemble the bed. I'm 60 and single so lots of work. Guess what? Wrong f---ing bed! So, I blast off an email and a gal in shipping got right on an order for the correct bed. Delivered 2 weeks later (much better) but this one has the wrong legs. WTF?

I've demanded a refund. They want the bed returned before they'll issue a refund. So they say. I think they'll have the bed and my money and I'll be screwed. Right?

Do a search for Wholesale Furniture Brokers complaints or review. Lots of stories like mine. Seems like this company doesn't have any kind of customer service once they have the money.
Feb 3, 2011
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Red Deer
After my experience with an online furniture order from Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( I am warning prospective customers that when/if a problem occurs it is not always dealt with quickly and the problem can spin into months of lost time, stress and frustration. ALSO - read the restrictive and expensive Return policy and Claims procedure BEFORE you buy. Do a search for complaints against Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( and read other customers' experiences. BUYER BEWARE.
Here is the brief version of my experience omitting all the phone calls and email notes that have passed to get absolutely nowhere: I ordered and paid $800 for a platform bed from Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( on Oct 22/10 and told it would be delivered in Dec/10. It was a Christmas gift. After many shipping delays the wrong bed was delivered on Jan 17/11!
Advised Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( of problem. Correct bed arrived February 1/11. Correct bed had incorrect legs and could not be assembled. Advised Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( that correct bed had incorrect legs. Demanded refund.
Today is April 7/2011 and after many requests, I do not have a refund. Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( says they'll 'offer' a refund but want to pick up the merchandise first - not a chance that's going to happen. So after over 5+ months of communication with this company no resolution is in sight.
A review of other online complaints about Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( shows that this is not unusual behaviour when there is a problem with an order.
I want my money back from Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( I want Wholesale Furniture Brokers ( to be upfront and to post negative reviews as well as the "glowing" reviews at so that consumers can take make a considered decision before ordering from Wholesale Furniture Brokers (
Sep 27, 2011
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I had a big issue with this company like many others I have found. Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada (www.gowfb. ca). DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. They pose as a Canadian Furniture Company but they are actually based out of Asia.

I ordered a sofa sectional October 7th 2010. I received email confirmations etc. and an expected delivery date of November 12th 2010.

They said normally they would ship out of B. C. but the particular COLOUR (COLOUR!!) I wanted was only available from California.

October 22nd, the status showed the sofa was "picked up" in California. (2 full weeks later!) It should have been on the road by then.

October 25th, the status showed it was loaded in California....I guess it took them 3 days to put the sofa on the truck...

November 1st, the status showed it was unloaded in Indianapolis. (the opposite direction of the proper destination, Alberta Canada).

November 4th, the status showed the sofa was RE-loaded in Indianapolis. But when I talked to BELINDA she told me it was in Toronto. Weird, nothing like that showed up in the status updates!

November 10th, the status showed that the sofa had been sent back to California and unloaded. Rather than to Alberta, where it should have gone.

November 16th, the status showed the sofa was re-loaded back onto a truck. (I guess it takes them 3 days to get a sofa on a truck and 6 days to take it off...must be one heavy sofa!)

November 26th, the status of the sofa is Richmond B. C. (where they have a warehouse apparently). It was unloaded here.

November 26th, that same day it was shown to have been re-loaded.

2 weeks later it still hadn't arrived. I took the time off work 3 seperate times to make sure I was here for it and it never arrived.

It arrived in January.

I waited a full 4 months for the couch to arrive. Part of WFB's policy is that if you sign for the delivery you are accepting the furniture as is. Well, the problem with that is my sofa sectional arrived in 8-10 cardboard boxes. So it was impossible for me to see if the furniture was of quality or not until an hour later after assembling it all. It was NOT of quality. IT WAS DISGUSTING.

The sofa is made of the cheapest materials possible. The sofa is brand new and looks like I've already owned it for 10 years. The cushions were shoved into a box which made them all permanently wrinkled and creased. The sectional does not come with anything to fasten the furniture together so the furniture is constantly sliding apart from itself. I talked to "JOHN" and then "STEVE" and then "JOHN" again all within 10 minutes of each other to ask if the couch should have had fasteners included to which they said "no, that's why its called a sectional" to which I replied that many sectionals come with fasteners. Their response? "we'll take that up at our next staff meeting" Sarcastic "we've got your money now too bad" attitude. I couldn't believe it. This company needs to be closed down.

There are a MILLION AND ONE furniture stores out there, AVOID THIS ONE like the plague. Trying to save a buck or two won't be worth your time, effort, stress and eventually your wallet as you WILL feel ripped off because unlike them, I guarantee it.

Spend the extra $300 and get a QUALITY sofa from a local store you will enjoy WITH good CUSTOMER SERVICE and A GUARANTEE.

Luckily, we paid with Paypal and have filed a dispute.

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Aug 19, 2010
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For anyone in Vancouver/Lower Mainland area, theres a place at Queensborough landing that sells some ood furniture. By appointment only to see. I bough a leather sofa and love seat set their and I found it to be great quality.
Jan 16, 2012
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I ordered a bedroom set shown on their website over the phone on November 30th, 2011. It was shown as a dark black/brown colour called "cappuccino". I was told it was in stock and would be delivered within approximately 2 weeks.

Almost 6 weeks later on January 9th, 2012, a bedroom set arrived. It was not even close to the colour advertised. I have side by side comparison pictures clearly showing the dramatic difference.

I contacted them in order to resolve this issue. They fully admitted the dramatic difference in colour. I even have emails from them saying, "Regarding your claim, there is a huge color variation from what you received and what is on our site and our supplier's. We have sent pictures to the supplier and we are currently awaiting their response." They then made me wait another week, then told me they would not ship out new set in the correct colour because they don't want to pay the shipping and it would cost me $200 if I wanted to return the wrong-coloured set.

I asked why should I pay $200 to return what they mistakenly sent me?? I was told by Michelle, their claims agent that it was their policy. I asked to speak to a manager and she said the owner Sergei Tashlikowich would call me. He not only didn't call me, he ducted my call for several days.

This company is full of crooks and liars. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!
Aug 28, 2014
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Calgary, AB
I ordered the Madrid Patio set in July 2014. Service was great and got my order within a week. When I unpacked my order, I noticed there were no caps on the bottom of the chairs or love seat, leaving to chance the wicker to unravel. Also there is no support under the love seat so when you sit on it your body sinks in. The worst part was when I sat on the cushions after 10 minutes I got up and they were flat as a pancake and I called WFB, and they said they contacted the supplier and that the cushion were made in China, that they are not a long term solution. Honost to god word for word this is what was said. I asked what long term meant 1day a week.
They told me I could upgrade my cushion to Sunbbrella, sent me an email to pick a color and it would only cost shipping. The shipping was 160.00 . I was not happy to pay another 160.00 towards a cheap set, but I knew these cushions wouldn't last the summer. So I agreed. So they took my credit card and of course billed the 160.15 and two weeks later I get another email saying there was a misunderstanding with their supplier and that the cushions would cost well over 300 plus 160 for shipping.
I told them they charged my credit card, sent me an email as confirmation . That if there was an error they would need to eat it. But of course not the case !!
I asked to return the cheap set, and they said well it is over the return time, but they would see what they could do. I have not heard back. But reading on line I would have to pay the shipping which would cost more than the set is worth. Bottom line, I would never deal with this company again. As they do not honor their word and renege on their promise, even when they have your money and I have proof in an email they would give me the cushions for 160.00. And good luck at getting to talk to a supervisor or manager, maybe there isn't one and that's why they don't care if their customer is happy or not.. A business who does business like this won't be in business for very long
Melona Will
Nov 5, 2016
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If it's from wholesale furniture brokers
it's guaranteed to be low quality junk if you get what you even ordered in the first place.
Avoid these scammers like the plague.
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Oct 22, 2007
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i can't believe people will drop this sort of money sight-unseen on this stuff. Their "free" shipping even makes me cringe.
All orders include FREE Basic Home Delivery to the curbside or driveway of your home or office, which requires you to offload your furniture, bring it inside and dispose of all packaging. However, due to the size and weight of this item we recommend one of the upgraded delivery service options. With the Power Tail Lift Service upgrade the driver will lower all boxes from the truck to the ground. The Inside Placement Delivery service will provide you with two delivery persons who will offload your furniture and move it into your home into your room of choice. Click Here for more delivery options and details.