Security guard licence fee?

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Jan 30, 2009
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Security guard licence fee?


Im in toronto and im wondering if anyone knows if intercon pays for your security guard licence fee and if they pay for your bst 1 & 2.

Also if anyone has any info on the other contract companies(g4s,tsm,securitas etc) in regards to paying for licence fee or training.

Thanks in advance
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Mar 14, 2007
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I got mine last year, if they didn't raise their price then its $80 per year so when it expires you're gonna have to pay another fee again.
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Dec 19, 2008
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it is 80 bucks and no security company pays that fee for you. Also any legit security company will pay for training and for most of the uniform. If they make you pay for the training, stay away.
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Feb 27, 2004
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The fee for a security license in Ontario is $80, must be renewed each year, and lets you work as a security guard with any company (either contract or in-house). Most companies (even the good ones) expect you to pay the fee, although many will pay at least a part of it if you're still working with them for a year.

As for bst 1 and 2, those are a one or two-week course (can't remember exactly how long they are) which a security guard must legally take to work in BC. If you're working in Ontario, it's highly unlikely they'll run you through the course.

The better contract companies don't pay you for basic training (anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks) , but don't charge you for it.

As for the companies that expect you to pay for training, I would suggest that unless you are having a hard time finding a job (for example, because your English is pretty bad) I'd avoid them.

Intercon is a pretty good company. The only thing I would suggest is that you let them know exactly what type of security you're looking for (office buildings, hospitals, public housing apartments, etc...) so that they don't end up putting yourself somewhere where you won't feel comfortable doing what you're doing.
Dec 24, 2008
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I work for York and it was paid for if we applied for it by a certain date. If we missed the deadline, we would have to pay on our own. My understanding is that as long as we are employed by the university, the annual cost will be covered. Maybe it's because of our Union? I'm not too sure...
Jan 30, 2009
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Thanks for the helpful info.

From reading previous threads about security guards it seems its fairly easy to get hired. Im heading down to intercon today to find out for myself :-0
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Jul 12, 2003
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out of much do companies like intercon pay?? is it a standard $9/hr job? or is there a larger range? i cant imagine it being a very financially lucrative job
Jan 6, 2013
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EAMAY wrote:
Feb 13th, 2009 1:02 am
it is 80 bucks and no security company pays that fee for you. Also any legit security company will pay for training and for most of the uniform. If they make you pay for the training, stay away.
I wish I was around this site when I joined Iron Horse Security in Ottawa: They made me pay for my training, and it was lack-lustre at best. A few hundred dollars out of my pocket with no reimbursement. Their stipulation was that if you were to join up with them, you'd be guaranteed a job. There were other ... horrible situations, but suffice it to say that they make you pay for your training.
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Nov 5, 2001
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I've worked with g4s, the former securitas, brinks, etc as escorts for my company.

General feedback is that the company pays for training, licencing, uniform, and radio/cell and vehicle. Wage is $10-12, higher for cit (cash in transit) crews or for licenced sidearm carry.

If you are getting paid less ($10 is pretty much minimum wage these days) or being asked to pay for licence, training, uniform, etc, leave the company asap and go somewhere else.