Self-cleaning litterbox

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May 22, 2003
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Self-cleaning litterbox

Anybody here have experience with self-cleaning litterboxes? My wife and I are thinking of adopting a cat. I had a cat back in high school and scooping the litter was not the most fun of tasks. Also, my wife and I work full-time so this would help keep the litterbox clean while we're at work. Most of them don't have good reviews, but this one seems to be okay: ... 00L4CB9X0/

edit: I also read some cats don't like using the crystal litter, wondering if anybody has feedback on this?
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Nov 23, 2010
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In my opinion I think it's not a great idea here is why :

If you have a cat, it's important for you to aware the poop of the cat, it's not happening frequently but it can happen one day your cat is sick, and it's important for u to know how is the cat behave at the litter box! also, you can just try a scooper and a auto litter system just like the link ... tterlocker

cheaper and better
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Jan 10, 2017
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I have a littermaid and a friend who had the petscooper, these machines aren't the best at the job and will require machine maintenance itself, along with that they work best using the brand litter they recommend. My littermaid is slowly dying because my cat likes to dig the litter to one side, due to the window being on one side, so the rake will struggle to go through a one sided pile. This will eventually kill the motor one day, which is currently struggling to go through any piles, at least it will push the poop into one side so I can scoop it every night with one go.

The most best solution that actually won't break down is the litter robot II, which is really expensive but will handle multi-cats and any cheap clumping litter you throw at it. ... _i=desktop
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Aug 13, 2006
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I use litter robot and really like it. I’ve used something similar to the one you are looking at. The rake stopped working after 1 year and it became a very expensive manual litter made me realize that the price is proportional to quality on these mechanical devices.

I prefer clay over crystal. Unexpectedly stepping on clay litter is annoying but crystals are just painful. Crystals have less dusting but it’s fully man-made (read: chemical) vs. clay, which is also sprayed with chemicals, but is naturally found on earth but will be more dusty than crystals. Lots of pros and cons either way. As far as how cats like crystals, I find that is very ymmv.
May 6, 2018
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smitty9999 wrote:
May 11th, 2018 9:39 pm
$200 for that or $5 for a scooper.
This. Also, clay is much better IMO.
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Aug 2, 2003
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Keep in mind, you have to make sure your cat is ok with it too, so thats another risk.

I bought one, and one of my cats was ok with, but the second one was not. He would get freaked out because he always caught it at the time when it "self-cleaned"
Jan 2, 2018
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I currently have the CatGenie, from Costco.( ... 12952.html) Its a love hate relationship with it, I mean sure I love the fact that I never have to actually scoop litter, I love the fact that while im away from home with my job I can let it on auto-run and the girlfriend doesn't have to deal with it. But it does come with its fair share of issues. One of my biggest issues is when the machine forgets or drops a small piece of the cat poop through the scooper, just because its small doesn't mean it will not smell horrible after the wash cycle and the dryer cycle comes on, basically can make my entire house smell like burning poop. It almost got to the point that I keep an eye on it for the first few minutes to make sure it gets everything, if it doesn't I keep a manual scooper on top of the litter box, so I guess I am still scooping litter some days... Cleaning the unit is very very unpleasant, ever for an ex plumber. If your cat has longish hair it can get clogged up in the back of the machine. The sani solution that comes with the unit smells gross, I only use the unscented kind.

All in all, for the 370$ the unit cost, the 25$ sani cartridge refills every few months, the 50$ litter once or twice a year, and the amount of hydro and water the damn thing must use, I would not buy one again if I could go back. But since the major purchase was the unit ill keep using it!

As for getting your cat used to it, thats super easy, leave the old litter box beside whatever new machine you get, and just do not clean the old litter box, it will pile up and get pretty gross, eventually the cat will prefer the new clean machine, after they use the new one throw the old one away!

Best of luck.
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May 22, 2003
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So quick update, the organization we adopted our cat from used pine pellets as litter so we're continuing to use it in a sifting-type litter box. Actually not bad as I thought. Pretty cute watching my cat bury her poop after she's done her business, lol.