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Setting up an imported t-shirt and leather goods e-store

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Dec 23, 2018
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Setting up an imported t-shirt and leather goods e-store

I am a digital products professional, and also like to think of myself as an entrepreneur with many things to my name. I have recently moved to Toronto on PR and as ever, while listening to some Pink Floyd, I am now even more eager to start my web startup of some sort now. There were a few ideas, before I landed here, some more ambitious than others.

The high quality T-shirts for example that we purchase here in Toronto, are around C$6 in Karachi, Pakistan (the city I come from). That's the price you get when you buy one off a retail shop in Zainab Market or even the branded one from premium store such as Cambridge. Then there are the high quality leather jackets and goods as well. I have friends who can establish me a good and steady line of supply back in Pakistan. I can handle the digital aspect of the business. However, does anyone have idea or thoughts on getting them through customs mainly? Need to understand how much duty would I have to pay on clothing items.

And other thoughts are also welcome on whether this is feasible or not. I am not looking 'to the moon or bust' in the first few months but maintain a smaller inventory and establish a cycle of funds in rolling as well. Anyone feeling entrepreneurial can also reach out, the more the merrier.
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