sheet metal worker no experience will train

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May 18, 2008
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sheet metal worker no experience will train

got interview today after responding to an ad for sheet metal entry level worker off craglist . they said no experience and will train. the guy talked to me for 3 min and told me come on wed. dont most of these sheet metal or trades job require one to go bcit or some sort schooling? my friend said they'll hire you but you'll be doing a lot labour work for them. im thinking what he's saying is pretty much true. i seen other companuies looking for sheet metal hvac duct workers and they all seem want you to know how use tools, weld, and other skills i havent even learned. i think they're just diguise the postion as sheet metal in the ad but reality you be doing labour work. i had an experience with this restaurant job that advertised looking for a cook, i got interviews within 3 min was told to come tommorrow.he said he'll train me as a cook and no problem as y ou dont have an experience in cooking.
i did and worked for few days. from the first day i wasnt even cooking---i was already cutting potatoes wedges for 8 hours, peeling kiwi fruit , cleaning restaurant windows and stoves. the second day samething and so on and so on till i quit.
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Dec 3, 2009
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Doing sheet metal work is labour no matter how you look at it. No doubt you will be doing more than your fair share of cleaning too.

I don't think that restaurant job was so bad...of course there is going to be a lot of prep work involved before you "cook".

All those jobs starting out begins with a lot of *itch work.
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Aug 17, 2008
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My nephew is a sheet metal worker. Sure, he started off doing general labour work related to the business, but then the company kept him on as he went through his apprenticeship training, and he got his journeyman's.

Apprenticeship training is different in each province, look up yours for more info.
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Mar 29, 2012
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sheet metal is a pretty entry level trade. there's not much to it, but you have to know all the difference gauges and be REALLY good at measurements.

you were probably better off learning how to be a cook. i don't see how anyone could be a long-term sheet metal worker without being utterly miserable.

i was trained in sheet metal when i was a labourer. all trades pretty much involve labour, except professions in the electrical field.