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Nov 2, 2003
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ship wallet

i left my wallet in my rental car in LA. Avis has the wallet and i am getting a friend to ship the wallet to me by UPS and i want to prepay so it can be picked up in LA and delivered to mississauga. Is there a better way to do it?
what would i expect to see in terms of handing fees etc?
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Feb 7, 2017
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IMO... The best way, is to have your friend ship it to a mail-drop (ie UPS depot) on the other side of the border in Upstate NY, and you drive over & get it, to bring it across the border yourself.

Less expensive, less worries (UPS direct non-stop Point A to Point B and no International Border in between), less hassle.

Bring the emails / paperwork with you to prove the situation to Customs on both sides if asked (purpose of trip / nothing to declare).
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Sep 6, 2002
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Not sure I agree with the post about shipping it to NY, I don't see why you would be charged customs on a bunch of credit cards and ID's. I don't see how much easier it is to prove this is an item brought with you from Canada to the US being returned by mail. Value of an Ontario issued Drivers License and a bunch of credit cards? If customs looks at it and assess you something there should be a method of questioning it but it may be more work then it is worth. Whats the real value? The cost of a drivers license replacement? Maybe have your buddy include a note to customs that explains the situation. I doubt they'd even read it especially with air service.

Is the wallet itself worth a lot? If not tell your buddy to empty the wallet, toss the wallet. Buy a prepaid envelope from UPS FEDEX or even US post, most should have something in the range of a prepaid flat rate envelope and usually if it is very light weight (which with your wallet it may even qualify) you can get air service which should be reliable and quick. Might even be next day. Air freight gets expensive the heavier it is. Light stuff like 6 credit cards or license type really shouldn't cost much.

Of course weigh the cost of just getting a new drivers license which has a minor fee and replacing your credit cards which has no fees. I'd probably just do that and not hassle your buddy. Ask him to pick it up from rental agency and destroy it to be safe.

Personally I'd be more worried about driving my car without a license and getting pulled over. You'll get a ticket for sure which might get thrown out in court but might not be worth fighting if you work. You could go to Service Ontario tomorrow and have a temp license. Obviously you have some ID if you made your flight. I'd say that is your most important document. TD issues new bank cards on site, not sure about other banks.

If your wallet itself is designer or something email CBSA and see if there is some sort of exemption or form you can pre fill out. I find CBSA to be quite helpful and responsive via email.
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Feb 15, 2006
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Yap. Might be easier to get new driver's license and report to CC companies that you lost the cards and have them send new cards to you.