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Shipping to states, picking at border help

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  • May 2nd, 2008 9:22 pm
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Dec 12, 2007
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Shipping to states, picking at border help

Hi guys, I need some help.
If I need something to be sent to a U.S. address, is it possible to do that? I hear about people shipping to UPS and picking it up close to the border. Do I need to pay a yearly fee for that service from UPS and what is the closest UPS to the Lower Mainland, BC? Can anyone tell just how the whole thing works?
Thanks! :)
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Mar 18, 2005
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this thread has all the information you'll need ... hp?t=20166

this post in particular has a list of places you can look at ... tcount=149

I believe the place you'd be looking for on your end of town would be
package express but I could be wrong. I'm from Ontario so I'm not 100% sure on that.
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Oct 9, 2003
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You don't necessarily have to go through a UPS store. There are lots of mail receiving places that will receive packages for you and you pay them a small fee (like $2.50/package) when you pick up the package. In most cases, you just address the package to yourself w/ their address and that's it.

For Vancouverites, you have the option of shipping your package to Point Roberts or Blaine. In Point Roberts, there's The Letter Carrier and TSB Shipping. Do a search, I think those places have been discussed before. Personally I'd choose TSB over TLC cuz TLC is messy and disorganized. Plus super long lineups waiting to get your package. The only good thing is they're open on Sats whereas TSB is not.

Blaine, there are at least 5 or 6 places that will recieve packages for you. There's Can-Amer Shipping and Receiving, Hagen's of Blaine, Mailbox Etc to name a few. Do a google search on them.

I've shipped to Point Roberts before and found I got charged taxes every single time, even on items as low as $50. I guess the border's not as busy so they gotta fill out paperwork to keep themselves entertained. Blaine is not as anal, I've been able to pick up multiple items worth ~$200 and been waved through.